🏀 **NCAA Basketball 2022 / 23 **

Expect changes in the UM staff as well, rumors that Martelli is retiring and Saddi Washington may finally get his chance at a HC gig.

Saddi surely deserves it. Just hope its far away from the B1G.

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Really looking forward to MSU / Marq. Izzo vs. Shaka.

I shall enjoy.

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Marquette 76- msu 65

Kentucky / K State pretty good so far.

Valspar golf tourny also pretty good so far, playing on the second monitor.

Down goes KY, good game.

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MSU off to a fast start.

Hope so

Not looking good yet

Refs are real f uck issue

Really? You have Mr March as your coach that should offset anything the refs can do.

Msu has been in foul trouble all year. 7 staight fouls on msu, and clear both hand touched the Marquette. And of course they hit a 3

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Mr march has been dead for a long time

Last foul on them was at 9.12 mark. Gambling is a hell of thing

MSU is employing their best UM collapse.

UM’s collapse’s come in the last 2-1:30min of the game, pretty consistant on that all year.

You mean the gifted 3? 8 staight fouls on msu.

Shaka is more than capable of blowing a lead also. Lets see how Gene Steratore sees it…

Ain’t that the truth.

This team
should win

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