Ndamukong Suh will

play in the super bowl… And for some reason that bothers me. The Saints were robbed anyway so I’ll be rooting for whoever wins the AFC.


Yea was rooting against him as well. Just watched Van Noy make a play for Pats. That bugs me too!

The only thing that bothers me is that we didn’t have that DT pair in 2014 and got Ebron instead. What a freaking shame. Suh was much stronger in 2014 than now, but still that was a heck of a performance.

I was cheering for Suh.

I want Mayhew to see it and suffer the humiliation he deserves for passing on that.

Bastard, Mayhew.

My heart bleeds peanut butter.
Now, we just need the Chief’s to get possession with 2:00 left.
Both cheaters will be out!

Come on, Chief’s! You can do it!

Well, sh!t!

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Frickin Boston garden Leprechaun travels with the Patriots now. Game clinching pick negated by a neutral zone infraction. Fuck.

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For a second there, I thought the Lions were playing instead of the Saints when the refs did not throw that DPI flag at the end there against the Rams.

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To be fair, two points:

  1. In real time, he got there all of a split second before the ball. It was still obviously interference, and it was a bad non-call, but it looks much closer in real time than it did in slow motion replays. And refs don’t get slow motion replays for PI.
  2. It wasn’t the end. The Saints still had a chance to score a TD on that drive, and then to stop the Rams from getting a field goal in regulation, AND they got the ball to start in OT. As Lions fans, we should all understand the idea of not letting the game get so close that the refs can decide it for you. Even with that non-call, the Saints should have won. They choked.
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And that’s all they’re talking about in the sports media. Hey, that’s life in the NFL! Put your big boy pants on.
The Aints can go back to the 2011 playoffs and rewatch those games. See how many times Detroit got hosed in that game!
I notice the media haven’t interviewed Bret Farve or Kurt Warner to get their take.

Make everything reviewable; problem solved.

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Do that and the game lasts forever. Either that or the challenge flags are used up by every team in every game by the end of the first quarter.

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I’d rather get it right than not.

Besides, the CFL does it and does it just fine.

Just give teams one more challenge per game. I’m not advocating unlimited challenges.

I think it would help us, too. We seem to get f’d on a lot of calls… more than other teams.



And ask yourself this – would you have minded a whole lot if they took … IDK, say 90-180 seconds on that Saints no-call?

I know I would’ve preferred it.

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We already saw it for longer than that.

I’d give teams 4 time outs and make all challenges take a time out if you’re wrong, but you can have up to 4 challenges. Challenge anything you want but don’t run out of T.O.'s.



As far as your proposal, I’d keep it the way it is or simply add one challenge to the allowance, and let it ride for a year; see how it goes. If it’s brutal, the league could start forming toward your idea.

Either way, we need a change.

I say keep challenges the way they are and let the league office call the refs for blatant no calls or bad calls.


Give coaches one more challenge per half, where plays like PI and holding can be reviewed.
Throw the red flag to get it right.

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I believe they could review a lot more, and get it done a LOT more quickly. Cut the review time down by 2/3, and have more reviews.

How do we get UNBIASED refs though? That’s the next issue.