Grabs defeat from the jaws of victory.

I think Northwestern manhandled them. That first half fumble put Nebraska up a good bit but they never looked like they were in control.

Really impressed with the patience of the Northwestern backs. Those guys are so well coached to hesitate until the crease opens.

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That qb was not ready for that situation

Actually, the coaching staff wasn’t ready. They were up by what, 11, and went for the on side kick and just like that Northwestern is right back in the game.

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If you are a player that is a legend…never take the job of the team you played for. Nearly every head coaching job ends the same way…badly. You can look at Scott Frost and see he is not in a good place mentally.

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Scott frost doing Scott frost things.

How much can we gain by betting against Scott Frost? Even if its just a nice steak dinner…we can toast to Scott Frost as we partake in it.

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It’s only one game, so we’ll see, but I really thought Scott Frost would finally turn Nebraska around. He had a lot of success prior to this stop.

I’m shocked he still has a job looking at his W - L record.

I had relatives in Omaha…its like it is Brigadoon or Shambala…completely out of touch w reality when it comes to Cornhusker football. Its really cult-y. No shit.

Someone had to replace Tom Osborne as a God, Frost was it, but only to Demi-God level.

Not Hercules, more like Narcissus…

He was at ucf. Smack dab in the middle of the best recruiting ground in the country. He can’t recruit players and speed like that at Nebraska. People also hate to admit that the big ten is a tough conference. If you have pat Fitzgerald a roster with the talent of Ohio State at northwestern he’d win the National championship. He’s a hell of a coach.

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I was lucky enough to go to a game at Memorial Stadium one time. One of the best games I have ever been too, the passion of the fans is insane. I would like for them to get back to being a powerhouse again, but really don’t think Frost is the man to do that for them.

Has to be his last season to prove himself.

Ok - I am teaching today and jumped on ESPN only for a second and seen this game ……In freaking Ireland?!

WTH imho?! Why waste the money to fly out there, people and equipment, to play a college game?

You boys can get paid now so save up and go on your own time….

I simply don’t see why it had to be played there….

Would have made more sense if Notre Dame was one of the teams…

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Even still

NFL is an entertaining business for sure and I get that aspect

This is a college game…. What next? Pee Wee champions in West Germany?!


Yeah NFL would probably bring in a bit more money. But from what i read, attendance was pretty good, and Dublin really using it to help bring in American tourists probably, which makes sense.

Where’s Curious Husker or Cornhusker???


kill me now barney stinson GIF

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