Need a little help!

I am hoping to FINALLY make it to Detroit for the Lions/Pac game. I was just wondering where you folks recommend staying, visiting and exploring?

Also I am conflicted in trying to get seats behind the Lions bench or maybe in the club section. Any suggestions on where the best seating is for the ultimate experience?

Thanks for another Canadian fan


I’ll let others recommend locations
Seating — in my view club 100% — if you want to see the game
If watching sideline action is of interest, then go for it.
I’ve never sat behind the bench so I guess it’s be a unique way to watch the game within the game but I can’t imagine the sight lines are good

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I’m jealous but happy for you!

I’ve been here in Pinckney MI and going to UM to see my brother now for almost a month…. He’s not coming home as anticipated anytime soon and I have to leave on 1 August to go back to OKC….

Enjoy the game brother! Wish I could make a TC date but oh well


Hope everything goes well with your brother.

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get with Air, he is pretty knowledgeable about The Detroit City area.


My eighteen cents about Ford Field:

Club, between the 30s. Probably pay a little more but to me, worth it.

If you MUST go lower level, make sure it’s in the top 3rd of the section and again, between the 30s.

ALWAYS get aisle seats. I have sacrificed moving a few rows back just for this luxury. As weird as it sounds given the size of a stadium, it’s no different than an airplane. Granted, this could just be me. I know if I’m spending the money to do it, I’m enjoying myself; which means frequent beer, smack and bathroom runs. It’s also nice because beer vendors walk the stairs so boom you’re right there. If I’m the “middle guy”, I feel like a complete inconvenience to others 12 times a game. This might be a little bit of a unwarranted or slightly unfair judgment to put on myself, but that is just how I feel when I am around my fellow man.

To MCM’s point. About 20 years ago a friend and accompanied my parents to a game at FF. As the game was starting we noticed about 8 seats dead center Row 1 empty (probably something corporate). We went ahead and borrowed the seats knowing if the owner showed up we would respectfully acknowledge them and move back to our seats.

Terrible idea. Perhaps it’s just me but I don’t get it. Can’t see anything. Too loud to hear anything. We didn’t make it through the first quarter and just moved on our own. Back with our parents, about section 128, 25-30 rows back, aisle seats. Roughly 40-yard line. Some of the best seats I’ve ever sat in.

I can’t recommend too much in Detroit, but here is a couple of quick hits.

I always recommend catching a show if you can at the Fox Theater. Very nice place, always well run, always clean. The problem is the schedule. Nov 4 and 5 is Katt Williams. People seem to either love him or hate him. If he’s not your cup of tea, then disregard, but it’s a thought.

I haven’t been in a few years (pre-pandemic), but if you want to eat before the game I always had a good experience at Zs Villa in Detroit. Good food, drinks, and more importantly, close to FF AND have a shuttle (or did). They don’t open til 11 though, so choose lighter, easier to make items off of the menu. You should be fine time wise. The only thing I can think of that would get in your way is if you had your heart set on visiting the Lions store inside of FF. There is ALWAYS a line.

So again, you do you. Just throwing some things out there.

Enjoy your trip and the game, brother!

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Appreciate all the suggestions, I have a buddy that has tickets to the local CFL team…Go Riders! and he is 5 rows up behind bench but the view is terrible so I will likely stay away from being that close. My take my son so if there was interacting with players before and after game then I may consider it, but that’s not really high up on my list.

I am always up for comedy and a live show is a live show…should always be something funny when go.

Are there any “must go” tailgating options for FF. We aren’t allowed to do that in Canada like it is done down there. I have gone in Minni numerous times and have always enjoyed the ribbing, but wouldn’t mind seeing it from the home team side!

Thanks again.

Eastern Market, but nothing has been announced this year. There was no tailgating last year due to short staff. However, they did have tailgating for at least Tigers opening game this year, so you just have to keep an eye on it. Closest thing you’re going to get due to Ford Field’s odd parking setup.

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@Rugbylion658 could I get a little more information.

What type of food do you like and are you looking $, $$ or $$$ as a budget. There’s some excellent fine dining options in DET.

How many days are you staying?

Are you bringing the family and what age are the kids?

The Lions/Pack game is in Jan so it’s pretty cold. Are you willing to walk a little in that weather?

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Air, it’s Nov. 6. Hence my suggestions. But I agree with the cold part. Even if it is Detroit in November, it’s cold and we have weather.

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Thanks for the correction I was thinking we played in GB in Nov and Home in Jan for some reason.


Saganaki and a gyro at the Golden Fleece.

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Air…I am Canadian so cold won’t be an issue. As it stands right now it will be just me and the gal. For accommodation we don’t need fancy, just clean…gal is nuts for that.

As far as food goes, I really like everything but when travelling I like to do local stuff that you maybe can’t get anywhere other then there. Really enjoyed getting into local cuisines…and trying new things.

I am not looking to break the bank but not sure when I will get back to Detroit so wanna do stuff that sticks with a visitor…whether it is live music, museums or live shows. Not a bar guy so that’s not a need but don’t mind a good drink in a fun little dive bar type settings.

Hopefully that helps a bit…and thanks for taking time to do this for me.

Hockeytown Cafe- Beer

Pegasus in Greektown-. Saganaki, Spanikopita , Lamb Shank.

Laffayete Coney

Any Lebanese place near Dearborn. Al- Ameer is my go to. Get some middle eastern food dude, change your life

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Good call.

Hit up the Henry Ford Museum and/or Greenfield Village while he’s there.

Lafayette for sure.


Does anyone know if the Mint Hotel or Ashley Apts are a decent place to stay when visiting the D?

Reviews on mint have more than a couple shady deposit scam complaints, rate jumping etc…

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