Nelson Agholor? Chris Harris?

Everyone seems to be going for cheap. Nelson Agholor is only 25, but only one season left on his contract. Cap hit is over 9 million. A 6th? Chris Harris is 29 and wants an extension. Would have to give him a whole lot of money. Scares me away when he says he wants a 15 million per year contract. Yikes!!! Maybe a 5th? Your thoughts?

A 5th round pick for Chris Harris?
Broncos will never accept that.

I like Harris a lot, but not for $15M… especially so if Peterson can be had for $12M and similar compensation.

Yes, the suggested compensation was a first and a second for Patrick Peterson, plus a first next year, in addition to the 11 million per year.
Something similar for Harris like a first and a second plus 15 million per year. If that is the price, no freaking way. The author did state he based the compensation on the KC trade, which makes him a moron.

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