Netflix's Receiver drops next Wednesday-Sun God

Kittle, Deebo, JJ and Davante.

Looks great.


I’m going to be glued to this. QB was a really good one.

Receiver drops… do you realize what you’ve done…

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Cursing Jefferson, Kittle, Deebo and Davante.

Sun God gives curses (in terrifying screamed German), is immune to other religion’s ju-ju.

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Is this out today already or is it like 9pm?

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It’s on there now! Can’t wait to get out of work tonight and watch the first 4 episodes!

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■■■■■■■ Kittle, IOWA literally kept his talent chained up and SF released it.

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Man I have a full ass day of work. I wish I could work from home more like I could a few years ago. I would be taking some long ass breaks today…LOL

So far it’s very good, watched most of the first episode. He’s not in the second episode so I skipped it.

Colton Pouncey used this clip in his article today about St. Brown on Receiver. Is that offensive pass interference or right on the edge of it? Patricia’s Lions would get flagged of course. But Dan’s BNL on that stage? I was too busy celebrating at the time to care.


So admittedly I am skipping to only Lions content and damn is it good!

For those of us that follow closely, a lot of the stories we’ve seen already. Still getting to see St. Brown with his family, they are freaking awesome.

Already loved St. Brown from his podcast and the way he plays. REALLY love St. Brown now after watching this.

Favorite all time WR now hands down.

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That one is hard for me. I still probably put Calvin and Herman ahead of him but he is pulling up close to Herman at this point for me.

Loved episodes 1-7 but stopped watching episode 8 and can’t finish it. It took me until last month before I rewatched the NFC Championship game. Still hard to believe we lost that game.


Here’s a dumb question…but why the fudge is Kittles on the Receiver special? Why not have him featured on a Tight End special?, ya know the f-ing position he plays???

Sewell caught a pass, maybe put him on the Receivers special too ya stupid idiots.

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Coming soon… It’s a Sewell Life on HBO. 16 episode series focused on the man, the myth, the legend.

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In the final episode, the guy who looks like he’s related to Kittle is extremely handsy with his wife

Edit to add: It’s her brother