Never heard of "rat technique" before

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need to keep that ready at all times and use it on our opponents once in a while. you use it too much, it gets figured out and beat.

Eeeeesh. I really feel fortunate that wasn’t an OT game. Rivers had open guys underneath for easy, easy FG range…with timeouts and plenty of time.

I had a guy use the Rat Technique on me in 1978 when he got busted for underage drinking and told the Athletic Director it was my bottle of rum

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Well…it really was my bottle of run… so I got busted and missed the first 4 games of the baseball season my Senior Year of High School. Michigan was 18 drinking age at the time and I turned 18 during Christmas break my Senior year. We were hanging around the gym playing hoops but had Rum & Cokes in our cups. I was legal and he wasn’t. He got busted with the rum and coke but ratted me out as the guy that brought the rum and I was still under Athletic Code of Conduct rules even though I was a legal drinker and got suspended from sports for two weeks which = 4 games.


Not to be a dick, but when the FS drops down, it’s robber technique. Rat tech is the safety high, and a LB low. Since QBs are taught to look the safeties away, many times they don’t even see the LB in the middle of the zone.

Is this Maize1blue from the other board?

No I’m not,

I was critical of Stafford earlier in this game for throwing into double coverage so it’s only fair that I’m critical of Rivers here too. Bad decision to try and force that ball into Allen there. All day long, Allen was beating Slay on timing stuff but this was a late pass and more of a jump ball and that doesn’t play to Allen strength…but I guess Rivers got a little overconfident since he figured they were having success all day. Rivers had a guy that was wide open that would have made the tying FG very manageable. Good for us that he did throw it to help seal the game…or maybe we’d be 0-0-2! LOL

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