Never thought I'd say I miss preseason


It sure would be a nice distraction.


Every year I look forward to it
Every year it’s good sleep inducing TV


I love preseason, it’s a big bummer not being able to watch the young, bubble guys.


The first we see these rookies will be opening day…that is weird. Throws Vegas all to hell probably.

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Game 3!! Is all about game 3!!!

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I don’t think you’ll see much of the rookies week 1.

It sounds like football or bust with the NFL, so no matter what we’ll be seeing some games in less than 30 days…

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I am now a Cowboys fan.

Never thought I’d say, “I don’t miss football”.

Not missing it at all. Infact not missing sports at all.

If mask work, what would be a issue with having some fans.

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