Never Too early (favorite prospects play along game)

Sorry if it’s too early and people still care to watch the season unfold but seven or eight wins this season would have been an incredible accomplishment given the striking lack of talent the roster possesses.

With the way the Rams are looking I’m going to go ahead and ballpark that we are selecting three and 28.

Assuming this I’m taking
Kyle Hamilton S Norte Dame and WR Treylon Burks.

Game changers on both side day 1

I’ll save you my Kiper rendition but Treylon is a #1 stud and Hamilton might be generational when the draft process unfolds.

What’s your combo?


3 and 28. Thibodeaux and Brandon Smith. Flame thrower of the edge and some extreme speed at LB.

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Lol I said this in another post. Burks is perfect for Goff and this offense. Kyle is a impactful playmaker. Another guy I like alot is Adam Anderson. And I do like Brandon Smith alot too.

5 teams are 0-3 with another 11 at 1-2 …. Sixteen teams within one game of the top draft pick

Too early for me to say we go top five…

Heck if we win Sunday, we’re dropping from 3ish to 10ish like that!

Need more games before we can start to actually call draft pick position imho

We win the next three games and get .500?! Then what?!

Would we take a WR with pick 1? BH might like guys with great route running instead of speed.

I do think we beat the bears, and we had a shot against the 49 ers and should have beat the Ravens. And the defense is looking better I think this team is gonna win a few games they my even top The ole 5 wins from last year.
Boy that will drive the ole “Beanheads” nuts winning non meaningful games. And moving down the draft order. Lol

Quarterback number one.

After that they start working on defense, defense, defense. A shut down, ass kickin, pursuit minded, smothering defense. Well, maybe some O line depth mixed in there somewhere. Maybe a receiver or two, but mostly 2023 for them.

I don’t think there looking for a QB, and this draft isn’t strong there either. I think they get some weapons for there offense and alot of help on defense.

They need one. Goff does some things well, but he isn’t the answer. He’s one dimensional. He’s going to help them jockey for good draft positions the next two drafts then….gone. Just my opinion, of course.

He has his issues that I agree, but some of them he can get better maybe. if they do draft a QB I don’t think it’s next year it would probably be the following year.

Most the QBs this year are not fairing so well , Rattler has struggled some , Howell has too, the only QB in this draft I like is Carson Strong. Malik Willis seems kinda Fields like.

I haven’t been paying much attention to this years crop of College QB’s. I’m just thinking that the Lions draft position won’t be so good after the 2022 draft. Even with Goff at QB they should be better next year with improvements made each year just from the draft and FA pick ups. Maybe 2023 WILL be better to draft a QB. They probably won’t be drafting as high, but many of the teams that will/might draft before them have their ‘future QB’. Or so it seems.

Are possession receives supposed to be able to do this? If he runs well I think he goes very, very high. Getting a lot of Mike Evans comps.

UCF DE “Big Kat” Bryant and Old Miss QB Matt Corral has shined the brightest, of what I’ve seen so far.

Taulia Tagovailoa, tonight, QB for Maryland. Dontay Demus Jr., WR Maryland. Tayon Fleet-Davis, RB, Maryland.

Tyler Goodson RB, IOWA. Tyler Linderbaum, OC, IOWA.

Tough loss of Demus, he’s been money for them.