Nevin Lawson is gone

The Lions released him, the move clears out $4.675 million in cap space with only $1.125 million in dead cap. He was due a roster bonus this week and apparently they couldn’t agree on a restructure. Wonder if the Lions have a deal in place for an FA CB?

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He wasn’t that expensive so I think there is a cb signing coming.

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Interesting to see what he signs for elsewhere, and who the Lions sign/draft to replace him and for how much. Most rookie CBs aren’t really NFL-ready, are they?

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Didnt expect this, but i do think that 4.6m can be better spent considering we were going to upgrade CB2 anyway. That 4.6m would cover the cost for say a RB2 in FA.

Don’t like this move, he wasn’t making a lot and is good depth who can play inside and out

A passer rating of 110.2 against him last year, zero interceptions in 62 games, and a PFF rating as the 68th CB out of 81, is probably what sunk him.


Good stuff!

(Well, not for Lawson …)

Wow! That is a shame.
Good luck in the future.
Clues! DE, TE, Slot, OG, Scat, and CB are top needs.
How many draft picks do we have?
I wonder how well Tate and Bevel got along? Just thinking out loud.

That’s what always drove me crazy about Lawson. With how heavily teams targeted him, you’d think he could have gotten his hands on the ball a few times. There was really no risk in throwing at him. Even a few interceptions a year would have taken some of the pressure off him.

You would think, just by pure chance if nothing else, that one of those targets would have wound up in his possession. He wasnt the “playmaker” that Quinn said he knew that we needed on defense.

He allowed a passer rating of around 110 with passes thrown his way, FWIW

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I could play corner that well…

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Well, 4 of the 6 done today!
That makes the draft much more BPA open, which builds the future.
Nice job, Quin!


Still looking for that CB2, though. Im hoping we add one yet in FA

We signed Justin Coleman.

Yeah, i thought he was a slot guy?..or do you think he plays opposite Slay?

I’m hoping it’s to cover Greedys backside while he’s a rookie.

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