New DC look at

He’s coached under a lot of different head coaches and in a number of different schemes, and that’s something Patricia really liked about Undlin when deciding to hire him to be his new defensive coordinator this offseason.

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Great! I hope now the Lions’ D can start to be multiple, now that their DC has worked in multiple schemes. That was the bag that MP sold us. Yet, we haven’t quite seen the benefit of it. Fingers crossed!

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I try to stay consistent - MP (With hindsight) had a huge set-back in having to wait until after the SB to find coaches…

I imho took what he could, not what he wanted…

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With him now having a “contend for a playoff” edict…Do you think that has changed now? He may still not be able to get the coaches that he wants, because they will all be without a team next year. No?

I’d have to disagree.

Our new DC made a lateral move. He was fin in Philly and produced a top 10 defense on a playoff and fictional title winner.

Why leave that for Detroit. MP and the new DC are closer to what MO initially wanted imho and the idea of all or nothing this new yr are mute imho.

They are confident with the ability to win and win now regardless… of why move?

This new guy wanted to come here and MP wanted him.

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