New Den Fantasy League - Who wants in?

I know there were several of us that were interested in the empty spot in the Den Old School Keepers League that Weaselpup had posted about last week.

Who is interested in creating a new league?

I’d suggest a free league for bragging rights this year to get us started and then next year we can reconsider adding a buy in fee.

If you want to join a new league please reply with “I’m in” or ask any questions you might have!


I’m in

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We got 2, lol

I’ll join

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I’m in.

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SB, when are you thinking of doing the draft?

i’m in.

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I’m in but one suggestion for the format
if you have a kicker and he kicks a game winner in the last two minutes it’s worth 10 pts.

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I was hoping early next week if we get 10. Getting close!


Definitely i’m down.

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Are you thinking redraft or keeper or dynasty

I’m open to anything, might be best to star with a redraft style, keepers leagues sure are fun though

Never done dynasty style, what’s the main differences?

Tbh i’ve never done a dynasty either. Not real sure on how it works or differs. I’ve always wanted to get into a keeper, everything around here is old school set up (no flex spot even). And in montana can’t do any on line so no draft kings or best ball or anything. Love football and love fantasy football so i’m happy with anything

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Ok, if you get in a pinch and need a last… I’m in. I wanna play, but I’d rather give the spot to someone who currently has more time to dedicate to it. Great idea, BTW.

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I’d be interested if you need someone

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Started doing dynasty leagues about 8 years ago.
After two seasons I canned my redrafts and now have 3 dynasty teams. Probably never doing redrafts again :man_shrugging:

It’s basically a never ending fantasy league that runs through the entire offseason. You keep all of your players and do a 3-4 round rookie draft every season.
Lots of trades in the offseason if you have a bunch of competitive owners.

Its not for everyone, since most dynasy rosters are larger and the waiver wire can become real thin. But imo thats what makes it so competitive.

All 3 of my leagues are 12 teams with 25 man rosters plus 2 IR spots. They’re also superflex leagues, so QBs are the most valuable position and adds even more competition considering there’s only 32 starters.

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Here are some fantasy stats about homeboy Jamaal Williams from the ESPN fantasy guru Matthew Berry. I should bust this out in its own post but I like to recycle:

Stat 1 Over the past two years, no running back has caught a higher percentage of his targets than new Detroit Lions RB Jamaal Williams.

Stat 2 From 2017 to '20, the Chargers, under head coach Anthony Lynn, had the third-highest RB target share in the NFL.

Stat 3 From 2017 to '20, the Chargers, under head coach Anthony Lynn, had the second-most RB receptions in the NFL.

Stat 4 Lynn is now the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions.

Stat 5 In his seven games last season with at least 10 touches, Jamaal Williams averaged 13.1 points per game, which would have been RB25 on a points-per-game basis.

Stat 6. Last season for the Lions, Kerryon Johnson and Adrian Peterson combined for 231 touches.

Stat 7. Neither is on the team this year

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If any room left i am game

Great fellas, looks like we got a new league!

Here’s the first 10 to sign up.

Michael (you said only if needed, but you make 10, so you are in)

Stay tuned to your inbox for more information!

Looking forward to it!

Sweet! I have been in a dynasty league with a salary cap and player salary and such for almost 20 years. Best type of leagues