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Let me start my inaugural post off by saying, I’m glad to have finally found a forum that ventures deep into all things Lions. Similar to HFBoards/RedWings, I enjoy the in-depth discussions that cover management decisions, roster construction, scouting, salary cap dilemmas, etc. It’s even extremely difficult to have quality discussions about these topics on your run-of-the-mill social media groups.

All of that being said (and after reading through several threads), I couldn’t be more disappointed with seemingly 75+% of this group’s predictions/hopes for this upcoming FA period and draft. It seems many of you haven’t an ounce of an understanding of how to rebuild an organization. Maybe you should follow the Red Wings forums and take notes from Stevie Y.

First of all, those calling for QB Willis at No. 2, stop it. You’d just further destroy this franchise. I could spend a year’s worth of a dissertation as to why that’s a terrible idea, but I’ll keep it short. Simply put… many holes to fill. Early QB is a huge gamble. We aren’t ready to contend. He has very few weapons. Goff was more than serviceable the second half of the season. Let’s build this program from the inside out.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, please stop suggesting we reach out to highly touted UFA’s and pay them absurd amounts of money on long contracts. That is also a recipe for failure. What Holmes and co. did in year 1 should be the free agency blueprint for at least the next 1-2 years. Sign a bunch of prove it guys to cheap, short-term contracts, in hopes that a few pan out and improve the culture of the organization. Expensive, talented acquisitions are meant to be picked up by those teams ready to compete for a Super Bowl. More often than not, when rebuilding teams make those signings, they result in disappointment and/or dead cap space.

Lastly, and I’ll end it at this, be patient. A true rebuild takes time. Most rebuilds fail because GM’s and coaching staffs alike become overly optimistic too early in the process. They become victim to the “well,
if we could just fill this spot here and this spot there…” mentality. Holmes, DC, and co. initiated the first few stages of this rebuild to perfection. They germinated a winning culture, fortified the trenches, found useful talent for free/cheap, and stayed within their limits. They should continue to do so.

I look forward to reading much of what y’all have to say, but going forward, let’s work together in identifying the elements of a realistic rebuild, instead of trying to patch holes that, on the surface, seem like the one missing ingredient.



Welcome aboard! Always room for another rational lions fan


If there is a franchise QB in the draft, you take him at #2, everyday all day. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a franchise QB in the draft.

Oh and welcome to the board.


Your points are near where most are on the rebuild
Except, they must sign better players this year in FA
Hopefully 2-3 guys on 2-3 year contracts
They can afford to do better than last year’s approach and they should
Top flight guys?
One would be enough — I’ve said a few times, the people wanting multiple high $ guys are going to be disappointed, as they are each year

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Welcome, Binger6. I guarantee that this group will be easily swayed by your pronouncements and logic because we’ve been waiting since 1957 for the Messiah to lead us to what is now called the Super Bowl. I want to warn you in advance that you might occasionally encounter an insincere, passive-aggressive malcontent. :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

But don’t let that deter you…

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Also agree. Is Willis it? Yes, maybe, no? Too much uncertainty. Every year a quarterback or few shine in the pre-draft process, and the hype outweighs their realistic NFL readiness and/or potential. We could look back in 5 years and say wow, we should’ve taken him. But where this roster stands, I’m more than willing to take that gamble.


They couldn’t they had to rake the dead cap hit an clean out the dead wood. This season i hope we resign those that showed well last season an ad just a couple of top tier in FA an add are draft.

I’m aware of the situation last year

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Correct. However, there’s a caveat to this. It’s a rare one, but IF a management group and coaching staff can sell the organization to a prized commodity for a team-beneficial term, by all means… make it happen. Don’t hear what I’m not saying. I’m not against talented UFA’s. What I am against is competing against 31 other teams in a bidding war for what often times can be diva players.


Very rare caveat!! :grinning:

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Not when you already have one.

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I think three is more than enough :crazy_face:


Hi Bing welcome here, and nice first post.

I like you already. Welcome aboard!


This team has exactly zero playmakers anywhere…so the value draft/FA slow 4 year turnaround is going to be as popular as Matt Patricia giving your daughter herpes.

An incredibly small % of the board is advocating for Willis at 2.

Coming to a new place and laying down rules reminds me of the scene in The Patriot where Mel Gibson and his greasy friend go into the even greasier swamp bar and yell God Save The King!

That said, we like crazy people with strong opinions, because as a Lions fan, the weak are killed and eaten quickly by the soul sucking juggernaut known as FFF (F%^#ing Ford Foolishness), and insanity is the perfect defense mechanism. Like knows like.



I’ll have to visit the Red Wings Board soon. Long time fan since Olympia days. Played over 20 years, Mich & Ontario, etc…Red Wings will always be my 1st Love, 2nd Love, 3rd Love, etc…lol

Welcome aboard… - GOALPOST



I have to disagree with you on your FA take. As Brad Holmes has said himself, this is the player acquisition phase. He has mentioned a couple times now that they their hands were tied last year because of the resources they had availabe, but that isn’t the case this year. The key is to spend safe, and don’t take major risks.

Below is from a previous post of mine, but it is how I believe you execute a proper rebuild. We are in step 2 already, IMO, which is great because sometimes it takes more then a year to get there.

Step 1: Clear out all the bad contracts and anyone who doesn’t want to be here or isn’t buying what the new staff is selling. This is critical as you this is the time where you are expected to struggle and can afford to field an economical roster. Identify the pieces you want to build around long term. Instill a culture of what is expected and what the coaching staff is all about. Don’t give meaningful playing time to older players (30+) if they are not expected to last through the rebuild, especially if it is at the expense of younger players.

Step 2: Acquire as much talent as possible. This is the time to add to your roster through free agency and the draft. Cap space should be fairly abundant at this point. Spend, but spend smart. Focus on players you know fit in to what we do and have a high chance of success. Do not spend big on potential. Take your shots at “reclamation” projects if you want some upside as these guys don’t need a long term committment. If you don’t already have a QB you believe in find one. This is critical to acheiving step 3. Draft captial is a premium at this point as you need to infuse your roster with as much young talent as possible.

Step 3: This is the final step. Once you reach step three, you are very calculated in your decisions to add in FA and the draft. You plug very specific holes and have an eye on the long term impacts of every move. At this stage you have to have a QB in place that you are going to build around. This is the stage you could see Holmes making moves similar to the Rams trading picks for established vets. You don’t spend big in FA on most occasions and typically focus on extending your own and letting the ones you don’t extend bring back comp picks. Draft capital, espeically mid round picks are how you build your long term depth and still have the cap space to retain your best players. At this point you don’t hope to be good, but it is a forgone conclusion. You aren’t hoping for 10 wins, your expecting to be competing for the Superbowl.


Guys that fit this bill are players the staff has personal experience with, or guys that are not “one year wonders”. If you are spending up on a player you want someone who has consistently produced over multiple seasons. Character is key.