New Draft Target?

After the first wave of moves I was just thinking about the shape the roster is taking and what players in the draft fit what we seem to be building. I see the need for WR and S but I’m really thinking the biggest edition we could hope for in the first may be OT Rashawn Slater. We look to be truly building a run game and I think Slater gives us more of an identity on offense than any other non QB. I also think there is good value to be had in the middle rounds at S and WR.

WR, OL, S, LB, DL, DB. not in that order as I still think LB remains the top need. We have what one starter? Other then Collins we have a bunch of backups.

Absolutely need LB’s.

Trade for Deion Jones. I pounded the table for it in season, I’ll pound the table for it now. He fixes a LB need.

At 7 D. Smith. If he’s gone then I’m trading down for Parsons. If we can’t do that, then I’m trading way down for Barmore or Toney. Looking at guys like Onzuwurike and Grant in RD 2 or perhaps a TD for Cox.

I’m down to 3 guys who I believe will be there and would be immediate impact players.
1.Waddle… I feel he is the most explosive player in this draft and could really open things up for the run game.

2.Parsons…he is exactly what the Lions need at LB and would add the speed that the D needs.

3.Slater… he would lock down the OL as the strength of the team