Is looking really good. Wonder why their old Def coach can’t do it.

I’m watching game! Its Belichick. He orchestrates everything. His coaches are frauds outside his bubble including that slob matt Patricia

B-but, we have all their players?

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Lol. That they didn’t want. But true

Mahomes has forced a few passes and was lucky they weren’t picked.


Fuckin’ KC is in another galaxy. They create opportunities, what a concept…

Man New England can’t catch.

That’s funny - I thought Stafford was the only QB to have bad plays. I guess KC should think about drafting a better QB :slight_smile:

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Mahomes has thrown exactly 0 INTs this year and is 4-0. Wake me up when he throws a pick or they lose :rofl::joy:

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Patricia was the reason New England’s D was crap when he was there. He left and they got immensely better. He came here and we got immensely worse.

Reminds me of the year that Nick Foles had zero INT’s. My good buddy in Philly kept telling me how great he was at ball protection but each week you’d see a couple easy INTs dropped by opposing defenses.

Mahomes has had 4 bad passes hit defenders squarely on the hands this year (that I’ve seen) and I’ve only watched two of his games. He’s had some luck go his way in that dept… much like Foles did. He was forcing balls and got away with a few bad passes.

Mahomes has more super bowl wins then Stafford has with playoff wins.

Mahomes in the month of September for his career is 10 - 0 . With 330 Passing yards per game and has thrown 32 TDs and no interceptions !!! Pretty amazing !!!