New GM and Coach

Holmes no GM experience, if they pick Campbell no HC experience and don’t quote me the Dolphins! Campbell was not even a good TE, he is a proven loser as he is member of Lions. What and exhaustive search - SOL!

F&%#King Kidding me?

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He was on the 0-16 Lions team. You can’t shake that stink off.

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I thought this was funny.

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I trust Spielman. If Spielman thinks these dudes can turn it around…then these dudes can turn it around…

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Life is too short to spend it living and dying by the Detroit lions, or any team or thing we have no control over. We are only fans. Obsessive fans, analytical, judgmental, critical, hopeful… yet, only fans.

I hope if all these reports are true it’s the perfect match and we see a new era of Detroit lions football… but if it doesn’t, well, we retool, rebuild, tear down again.

Let’s support what we have, but never stop doing what we do. Be fans, and be every bit as optimistic or pessimistic as we want to be.

But in the end, let’s all be well, and hope for the best. But don’t lose sleep and definitely don’t get too worked up over a game. It’s still a game.

Life is so much more important and every one of you have many more meaningful things in your lives to be truly passionate about.


I think this was more a response to myself than anyone else, lol.

Saul Goode!

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To be fair, he was placed on IR after the first week of the season . . . maybe if he played, we would have won a game.


Who knows but for those who really can’t stand anything Lions do , an its a fact just read your own posts.

You know who i mean most have not said a positive thing since they started to post here. just keep stirring the pot.

Same posters same negative BS. They complain about everything, so why do they even bother coming here an posting if its that painful.

I don’t mind difference of opinion i can read that but the same posters attack everything Lions do if its team or management hell even the food they bitch about .

Find a positive thing an same half dozen show up an attack doesn’t matter to them if true or false just Bitch Gets them Off I think!


You know NY fans and media gets all the credit for planning the demise of future hope, but Detroit can do a good job too.

That being said, I do understand the skepticism and it is warranted.

Let’s just hope for a new age, a new era of lions football, at the infantile stages of its birth…

And hope is not a strategy. But! Commitment to excellence is! And let’s hope this is the path we are taking moving forward.

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I do find it funny, if you listen to the Valenti show, he has been advocating for trading Stafford and wishes the Lions would make a splash and hire urban Meyer.

I am so glad we didn’t. While Meyer may be a great coach the guy sounds like a spaz and he’ll be out of Jacksonville in 2-3 years.

We want consistency, we want excellence, we want an end goal and a mission to get there.

And I also am in the trading Stafford would be dumb camp.

At least right now. And he’s still under contract so regardless of his “feelings” listen you got two more years dude!

Lol I’m being funny and I don’t think he would be the type to demand a trade, but even if he did, he doesn’t have a ton of leverage. Lions could just make him sit out (I think) if he threw a fit. And he does not seem the type to do that at all.

In 2009 he won a Super Bowl ring with the New Orleans Saints.

He got hurt in the preseason and was put on the IR for the whole season. If he had played, the Saints might not of won the Super Bowl.

We were one Dan Campbell injury away from going 15-1 that year.

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Don’t worry, we’ll get those coordinators with experience…that’s what really matters.

And if not, we’ll definitely get those position coaches with experience…that’s what really really matters.

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