New Jersey

Not the state.
But are you going to buy one? If so, which one?
Is it safe to buy a rookie jersey now before final cuts? Or do jersey numbers change once cuts go down?
I was thinking about Branch’s 32. Maybe he changes to 15 or 6 if those numbers get cut?

My next one is Dan Campbell throwback.


Dans jersey with Holmes hairstyle.
Old school, baby!!!


Want to buy a Hutch jersey, but going to wait until after cut day.

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I was going to wait until next year, but I believe I had my information wrong. My belief was they were changing the uniform / logo entirely. But I guess what they are actually doing is just releasing a new alternate jersey to go with the new alternate helmet.

If the blues and the whites will be the same next year, might as well buy one now.

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Even though I’m not a huge fan of our regular jerseys, you can’t change them if we start winning this season.

When I found out Jamo wasn’t going to be able to chamge to 1 I seriously considered getting one. I still might.

With the way players change numbers these days, the jerseys should come with velcro name tags.

Just get a Barry sanders or jack fox