New news on TJ injury

I’m wondering why would a Chiefs medical staff would be treating a Lions player. It could be an advantage for the Chiefs if he was to pass information to the KC coaching staff.

I think in that moment Dr’s are Dr’s and football takes a back seat to the young man laying on the turf.
Maybe he is a specialist in head trauma? Hard to say. But I don’t think any of the guys kneeling over TJ really care about the score at that point


If they place a guy on IR then they have to miss 8 weeks minimum. I do believe a bye week does not count towards those 8 weeks either.

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He could had also been an independent dr since that is who evaluates the players in order to return to the game, not the team dr

Idk what they can do about it but I definitely think they take a close look at the hurdling that seems to be in every game anymore. It’s an ohhh ahhh play but also very risky and dumb, as we’ve seen now. (No offense meant to hock)

God I hope not. That would mean his career is over. Travis Swanson missed 5 weeks and I did a study when he did and I found that when a player suffers a concussion bad enough to miss 5 weeks than the player is never the same and out of the league within a year. There’s never been a player in NFL history to miss 5 weeks or more for a concussion who went on to have NFL success.


Nothing would surprise me with this kind of injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if he played against GB. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he never plays again


My guess is that he misses no more than 1 game. 15 days between games is a long time and I would think they will see some real progress by this weekend, then give a better timetable.

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With the bye week, he has 15 days before the Packers game. If they keep him out of the Packers game that would give him 22 days off. That is plenty of time to recover from a concussion unless it was REALLY REALLY bad.

Frankly, if he can’t play after 20-22 days he probably should never play again


Wasn’t a violent blow?! Dude.

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His head and shoulder hit the ground at the same time, you see players take much bigger hits than that regularly

But it’s HIS head

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You should watch it again. Dude hit hard. Whiplash slam.

I can see Patricia simply putting up two game stills on the board, one of TJ at the high point of his hurdle and then one of him being taken off the field and saying something like ‘Well I guess that covers our lesson on leaping over another player…don’t do it…ever. This is why.’ and just let that sink in for a minute before on to the next topic.
I think the leaping Lions may be a thing of the past under MP.

I’ve watched it a dozen times, no need to see it again… I stand by my statement.

I’m with jimno on this. The speed and suddenness of the impact is pretty extreme. That’s a lot of force as the head comes to an instant stop.

You need to understand physics better.

My initial thought was separated shoulder or broken clavicle… Didn’t realize he got knocked out… Hope he never hurdles again.

Lets hope hurdling is done. It did wonders for Billy Sims career.

Concussions are, as everyone knows, an epidemic in the NFL. And bad news anytime. They are cumulative and a bad one is not a great way to start your NFL career. He’s got to take care of his noggin.

But, I too thought it was a broken shoulder, clavicle possibly. Which would have finished his season and possibly lingered further into his career. Injuries to shoulders joints are more chronic than even knees, which can be repaired successfully nearly all of the time now. The way he landed on his shoulder and didn’t seriously hurt it (probably sore now) is a testament to how he is built, which is the good news.

I once jumped off a garage roof at night horsing around when I was in grade school and didn’t know there was a flower box below where I jumped. It caught my foot and up-ended me, and to this day I don’t know how but I instinctively twisted my body so that I landed on my shoulder and not my head/neck. Could have ended up in a wheelchair. Separated shoulder? I’ll take it. It resulted in lifelong tendonitus and acts up to this very day but every time it hurts I thank it for possibly saving my life. Shoulders are hard to fix once they’re really effed up.