New PFF Mock is interesting…

From Anthony Treash who had the most accurate mock two or three years ago. Ekwonu falls to 14, Willis to 20, Travon to 30. WRs go quick. We go Thibs, Pitre and Chenal with our first three picks… I wouldn’t hate it.


I wouldn’t hate it, but i also wouldn’t love it.


A corner at 3 and a corner at 5 with 5 going in the first. Well, I never considered this draft to be THAT strong at CB, somewhat deep, yes, but 5 in the first? Taking Chenal with Burks on the board? Some interesting choices.

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I’d be really disappointed that we didn’t draft Burks in that scenario


7 Rounds from Sporting News, oh boy…

I’d go Burks over Chenal too, especially the way WRs flew off the board, but I like Chenal and Pitre. I think Chenal might not be a great fit for us, bit I like him plenty.

Yeah I saw that one too, didn’t like it lol. Actually though if we’re taking QB no matter what, Howell in the 3rd isn’t bad. Easy to move on from if he doesn’t work out. I wouldn’t love it, but it could be worse.

Why do you think that? From what I’ve seen/read, he’s exactly the kind of LBer I would think Campbell and Spielman would like. A big, tough guy who plays downhill

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Because Barnes is already that guy to an extent, but even if you flex him to the strong-side, I think we’re more likely to be looking for a smaller, wlb like Dean or Asamoah (who are both coming for visits). The Saints always had a guy like that (Demorrio Davis of late) and it’s what Glenn knows.


Still rooting for my boy Cole Kelley in the 6th or 7th.


I’d rather that than any other QB option for sure.

I actually think Chenal might go to N.E. At 21. I think he’d work fine for us bc he still has the run and chase traits but I don’t think we value his size so we can get similar run and chase skills in a smaller package later.

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Yep, in a deep draft we could likely find a starter at the top of the 3rd so taking a QB there simply steals away starters or depth opportunities.

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Oh I think so too, I’ve been pegging him there for a couple of months, and it’s what Pats fans want too. He’s a PERFECT fit there.

I think we’ll likely wait on both LB and Safety. I think people are sleeping on how early we might go TE and I also think boundary CB is probably viewed as a bigger need inside the building then it is on here.

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That draft doesn’t have a TE even going until like the 50’s,(59 to Green Bay), is that right? I’m not as quick to pull the trigger because there are several that I like and this is an incredibly deep TE draft. I originally thought 97 but now I believe we wait until the 5th.

Yeah I’m with you on CB, I’ve long thought we should be drafting one and in this draft, I think there’s a big dropoff after the top 5. Will one of them make it to 32? I don’t know. On TE I think the class is so chock full of like 3-5th rounders we can probably get one with our 5th round pick.

Dane Brugler say, “I pity the fools who pass on Travon Walker before #30.”

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They have big Jordan Davis going to Tampa in this mock.

Pairing Davis with Vita Vea in the middle?? Damn!!

That mock is verrrry different than any mock I’ve seen…guys at every position wayyyy away from what most have them.

Will be interesting to see how that tracks, but yes, given how WR are getting paid, using 32 with it’s 5th year by taking Pitre instead of Burks and then Chenal at 34 instead of Burks reeks of a guy who is just looking to check boxes on his team needs depth chart and not think through other implications of his choices, so no, I don’t think this is a very good mock.

We could get a good LB in Rd 3 instead of passing on Burks. I like Pitre as a slot CB, but seeings how he has 4 safeties off the board between 47 and 58 Cine Brisker, Joseph and Hill), this is why I really want a trade down from 2 to 8 or 9 to pick up another 2nd rounder. or two.

It’s a nice draft to have 2nd round picks, regardless of our history, I want as many as I can grab, so let’s trade up that 66 if we can as well.