New power poll: we are now up to 26?!

Just like the idea others see some level fo improvement!

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IF we really are under Chicago, then this year is going to totally suck.

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Minny and Chicago are both there for the taking. I realize that Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers, but 6th place is way too high. The only reason their record will be good is because of our division. BTW, this is the weakest I’ve seen our division in quite a while. LET’S GO DC!!

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Haha! That would be true…if true…buuuuuuut… :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lions are better than Chicago and should be ranked higher. Very good chance Chicago will be the worst team in the NFL this season. The Lions will win 5 or 6 games which is an improvement but not good enough. The Lions just don’t have the talent on the defensive side of the ball and they have a poor starting QB. Lions should be able to control the clock a bit with their offensive line but they will be a bottom 5 defense .

Minnesota is not there for the taking. They are a better team than the Lions and have a much better QB. Minnesota will most likely make the playoffs and the Lions will not sniff the playoffs.

Well we beat them once last year and lost to them once by two points. I wouldn’t exactly call them world beaters. Hell they only beat us by two points in January 2021 with Fatricia at the helm. Average at best.


New coach instead of dinosaur Zimmer will make a big difference. All they have to do against Lions is throw to Jefferson 20 times and there’s not a thing the Lions will be able to do to stop it. Both teams do have major problems but Minnesota has more talent.

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Man, that’s a depressing take. Just take a little sip of koolaid would you please!? haha

I agree that the defense still concerns me as well. Hutch was a big addition, but he’s still a rookie. And not getting anything out of Paschal and Levi is really going to hurt. Hopefully they are back by mid season, we need high draft picks to make an impact.

Goff isn’t an all pro for sure, but he’s not poor, he’s taken a team to the super bowl before. The last 6 games last season when Campbell and Johnson took over the offense, I thought Goff played much better.

I think we are going to win 7 or 8 games, the schedule is surprisingly pretty easy compared to most years. The Bears and Vikes don’t scare me at all.


And the Vikes defense was terrible last year. Agreed, not scared of the Vikes. The Packers will still rule the division for sure as long as Rodgers is healthy that is.


Remains to be seen.

You also forgot that the Lions have a very shitty GM…

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Stevestevens sounds like a minny fan.

Zimmer was under performing so there is a chance they have a better year under a new coach. Rarely does that happen in the first year with everything that needs to change.

They are starting from a higher level than the Lions so they could be better. Minny could take a step back as well.

I, too, have a better opinion of Goff than many on this board. I see him as average with a chance to be good. I do not see him as a reason that our offense will be materially held back. To me he does a little bit of everything competently but isn’t exceptional at anything. So I like him/our situation better than: Cleveland (what a mess that is), Houston (but I like how Mills is developing), Jacksonville, New England, NY Jets, Pittsburg, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, NY Giants, Seattle, Washington. That would put him below average, but better than poor.

I believe we will see better football out of him this year, but he will not be mistaken as a very good QB. However he might be viewed as a good QB pending performance.


For the koolaid guzzlers: The Lions play something like 9 games against teams ranked 23 or worse. It’ll be either beneficial or a big bust. We will see.


And 7 of the last 9. The two that are ranked higher are Buffalo-Thanksgiving and Green Bay-last game of season.

Was thinking the same.

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The Lions might sweep them. We will for sure split if not sweep 'em.
Also…Screw the vikings and their silly trade-master. Lions are coming, boys…RUN!!!

Didn’t think I see so many post on this! :flushed:

Yeah - I thought the bear being better than us was silly at best

Today! I want us to beat Philly so bad!!! We win our opener and watch out!


That’s up to the Dline. If they can stop the run game, and put pressure on the QB, Philly is very beatable.