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First off, just want to say I love the board. Come here for all my Lions info and have read for years. Some of you do an amazing job. So thank you!

That being said I had to comment because something has been killing me on this board lol.

Our WR room is trash. Some think we are sitting on some decent players are bonkers. We literally have our #3-5. Williams is a really solid WR3 and Perriman WR4. Do they have upside, yes of course. But to count on them as our potential starters is just being a homer. It really is that simple.

And then there’s those who talk about Cephus like he’s something. The dude didn’t do anything last year that a #5 doesn’t do on every single team. Again, does he have some upside? Sure a little. But he will never be 1/2/3. He is a depth player on a team with a really bad receiving core.

I’m not saying I’m dead locked on drafting a WR with our round 1 pick. But it’s crazy IMO to say that isn’t our #1 need. Goff needs to be surrounded by talent NOW. I don’t want a “well he didn’t have the weapons so this year didn’t count,” excuse that is guaranteed to come if we don’t surround him with adequate talent. I would go WR in round 1, and then our next 3 picks can go to the defense. Get another WR and OL with our 4th/5th picks (if there aren’t picks added).

We probably aren’t a competitive team this year. I would be happy with 7 wins and expect closer to 5 or 6. Top goal outside of winning as many games as possible should be IS GOFF THE FUTURE. Putting talent around him for the next two years is a huge priority to give him a true evaluation. And if he isn’t, we have a lot of talent in place for the rookie contract QB in 2023.

Lol I got a little off topic there but those who think this WR group isn’t bottom 3 in the NFL and still bottom half of the league with a RD1 WR have those lion PRIDE eyes on. I love ya for it, but that is homer delusion.

Anyway love you all! Keep up the good work! Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on the subject. Praying for Chase! And would also be pleased with Smith/Waddle (ideally after a trade down).

GO LIONS!!! I believe in the future!!!


Good post and I agree with you. The only exception is if they already don’t believe in Goff and want to take the QB this year. If Sewell is there that would be tempting as well, and there are lots of WRs available later. I do think Holmes may learn towards oline early and think he can find gems at WR later like he did with the Rams, but we will have to wait and see. We will never know which picks he was really on board with and which ones he was overruled on.

I am down with taking Sewell or Slater in a Trade down. If that happens, I think it should turn into a full out offensive draft. Going With 2 WRs with the next 3 picks. The position is so bad that if you aren’t taking the sure fire “sure thing,” you better take a couple of pretty good swings.


My brother!

Thsts why I think we need to take a wr in round one and another with the 4th or 5th pick. Boob fucked up last… nevermind he f up every year, when it was a deep class and did nothing besides the one pick.

Williams and Perriman are only on one year deals. They need at least one long term solution in this draft.

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Ahh, you can draft a WR in the first next year if need be… numerous HoF WRs are entering the draft each year… :rofl:

On a more serious tact… the Lions do have 2 firsts next year. I’m warming quickly to the idea of Sewell… to set the OL up for years to come. When Decker retires or moves on… Sewell can step right in

In the meantime, draft a WR in the second or third… which interestingly, Holmes might have a penchant for (ala rams).

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And I agree about WR room. I would have no problem with WR in rd 1 AND 2.
3 rounds of:
Rondale Moore
Andre Cisco
Terrance Marshall
Amon-ra St. Brown

A draft looking like those is my hope.

So a response drenched in condescending sarcasm…I’ll bite.

So tell me, outside of Cooper Kupp, who are these gem WRs Holmes has been able to find on day 2/3 of the draft? Von Jefferson? Josh Reynolds? Seriously cause I’m drawing blanks. Hitting on ONE WR means Mr. Bob Quinn was good at it too.

I guess you can focus on a tiny piece of my original post and talk down to as if I said “WR is a must in ROUND 1!!!” But I gave me reasons why it was important (mostly in the evaluation of Goff). So bring in more 3/4 types (warm bodies) and give our potential QB of the future one of the worst WR Rooms in the league.

I prefer filling our biggest need with one of the BPA in the draft. Which coincidentally, has a few WRs among the top 10. I did however even mention that I would be ok going Sewell, or Slater after a trade down. But that of course was overlooked in order to LOL at how silly I could be for wanting to surround Goff with an elite talent at our worst position.

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YES. I see this coming regardless though from at least some people.

First I will say that was a good post and I really agreed on a lot of your opinions. What I definitely disagree with is your assessment of what is currently on the roster.

I would venture a guess to say tou think Marvin Jones was a very good #2 WR in his time with us? Tyrell Williams vastly outproduced Marvin in their time before they signed with us. Williams has been a very solid producer whenever he is on the field. He even started his Raiders career extremely well in 2019 before injuries piled up that season. He followed up that year, by missing all of 2020. His entire career before that he has been relatively healthy so hopefully this amounts to just some bad luck. Regardless Tyrell has proven throughout his career he can be a very solid #2, similar to what Marvin has been for us recently.

Perriman has been wildly inconsistent, especially earlier in his career. He really hit a grove back in 2019 and averaged over 100 yards and a TD a game with Tampa over the final 5 games. Then he struggled with injuries and was playing in what was probably the worst offense in the league. He still managed to produce over 500 yards. Not saying he is a superstar, but if we go into 2021 with him as our #3 WR I would say that is solid.

After that you have Ratley who is a typical height weight speed guy. He could wind up as decent depth or not make the roster, but his profile is nice to have competing for a #5/6 WR. Raymond is primarily just a returner, but he has had quite a few nice moment in a deep reserve role as a deep threat averaging almost 20 YPC the last two year (Think Marvin Hall). Once again nothing special, but those guys are nice to have and will have a niche in this offense.

Then you have Cephus. I personally don’t understand the hype some guys have for him, but I’m guessing it is because some of the advanced stats were bullish on him last year. I like what his skillset can bring to the WR corps as he is unique to what we currently have. I think his upside is Jason Avant which I stated in a previous thread. I don’t think that is a unreasonable career path for a 5th rounder who showed a little promise. If they add more competition at WR andhe winds up cut at final cuts I wouldn’t be all that surprised either.

I think 2-6 we are average. Not good not bad, but average. If we can add a legitimate #1 this is a top half of the league WR corps.


I think Perriman’s upside is quite high. If he can stay healthy for 17 games I think he could approach 1,000 yards. Crazy talented player.

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So let’s draft Sewel with the plans to replace Decker when he moves on or retires. Decker just signed a 4 year extension and is 27 years old and plays at a high level. He is not going anywhere for 3 seasons at the earliest. We can draft a pure RT in the 2nd or 3rd round, leave Decker at LT and still get a playmaker at 7

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I think you are saying they are average based on base case scenario. If all guys mentioned have career or equal to, career years, we have a solid 2-6. Aside from 1 season, Williams has #3 WR numbers. Perriman hasnt topped 600 yards yet in his career.

We are staring at two 600-750 yard WRs as being our 1/2. If we don’t take a WR in round 1, these guys are almost guaranteed to still be our 1 and 2. Unless we get extremely lucky with the 7th-9th-ish best WR in this draft. And what happens if one of Williams and Perriman don’t work out or gets injured. Which I hate to say it, is more likely than both having career-ish type years. Then our WR core starts to compete with worst I’ve ever seen.

We have upside players for sure. And if they all decide to “breakout,” at the same time, we have an average 2-6 like you stated. I feel all 3 of Chase/Smith/waddle will be at worst really good WR2s in their career. And chase/Smith will be that from day 1. Again, if we don’t take a WR RD1 I’m not gonna bitch and moan. I don’t think we are very competitive regardless of what happens (and I mean playoff competitive). But if we don’t, there’s a very realistic possibility that going into next year we are still weak at the position. Besides it’s not like it’s reaching. It fits need with BPA.

My post was more in reference to what’s currently on the roster. Which you said yourself is an average 2-6. Well an average 2-6 (which is a massive reach imo) is still an awful core without a potential #1. And an injury away from Yikes!


Your post was solid. However it’s such a banner draft that I do think some patience is warranted. I’m pretty confident that we’ll go into the year with sufficient weapons. Full disclosure: I have become a complete Brad Holmes slappy


Appreciate the effort. But saying the WR room is “trash” is a lot like looking at the foundation of a house under construction, and complaining about the house.

We are going to add a nice WR in the draft, and of course, there will be cuts everywhere, in addition to FA’s and trades.

So we will clearly be adding talent at the WR position. A slot guy for sure, and possible #1 type in the draft.

When you add: a high draft pick and a vet or two, to Williams, Perriman, Cephus, Hockenson, Geronimo Allison, Swift, Williams, etc, etc … there really isn’t a reason to be anxious at this point. Just an opinion.

As it stands now, it’s a bottom 3 unit in the league. Is that really debatable? Could you list 3 worse?

As currently constructed the WR group is indeed trash. I’m willing to wait until after the draft and roster cuts to fully judge - but major help is needed. Major help.

Did JaMarr Chase just run a 4.38?