New Toyota Sequoia (2023)

WOW! I want one, it’ll be 4 years before my oldest can drive and I do a lot of running the kids around for football, baseball and wrestling. AND everyone else’s kids! We sold our 6 seater F-150 so only have a 5 seater at the moment. I was not a fan of any larger SUVs until I put my eye on this thing!

2023 Toyota Sequoia Overview | Toyota - YouTube

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Looks nice, I’m guessing it will have a price tag to match.

50 g’s easy.

Grand Waggoneer…starts in the 80,000 range

That TRD Pro is nice looking esp. I love the Toyota Tundra (same platform). Always have. Have always been surprised it hasn’t sold better.

GM is coming a long with their trucks too.

Someone has not been shopping new vehicles lately. :money_mouth_face:

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I am assuming it’s more? And you are correct sir, I have never in my life purchased a new vehicle. I am a certified mechanic.


I saw that. Even in the ad they are putting one out there at 89K… for a freaking JEEP! Probably the nicest Jeep ever made, but 90K?? Sorry folks no way.


A 90k jeep is an intelligence test.


I assume 50k is the going cost for base model full size SUVs?

The base for the 2023 Sequoia is the SR5 and the SR5 will have a TRD Sport package available, if it includes 4x4 with smaller 8" screen that’s the route I’d go. But I dont know much about this new hybrid motor thats with it and the longevity of it?

I honestly HATE the technology in modern vehicles… so much useless bullshit in them. We sold our 2015 F-150, which we loved, so the wife could get a 2021 Toyota 4 Runner(Japan Import). The reason is because it has the long lasting 4.0L 6cyl in it, the same one I have in my 2007 Tacoma. And they’re known to get anywhere from 350k to 600k on them. So, now we have 2… However, no space to haul kids, their friends and all their gear around or vacation!

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