New Trade Option

How about the Lions trading the #3 overall pick to Carolina for RB McCaffrey & the #7 pick. This is the kind of offseason and draft the Lions could have:

FA - CB Harris/Logan, ER Fowler/Judon/Armstead

Trade - RB McCaffrey (due a new contract)

  1. DT Brown/Kinlaw or Simmons
  2. OT Jones/Jackson
  3. WR Aiyuk/Johnson

This gives the Panthers their QB and the Lions get an instant boost on offense in the running and passing games. The defense gets a top DT, CB and ER along with Hand coming back and maybe Snacks as well. The offense would be extremely explosive and the defense should be very competitive. This is a good option for Carolina as the only way they can compete with the draft capital of Miami.

Carolina, rightfully, views McCaffrey as their Barry Sanders.

Using Barry as a trade chip to move 4 slots so we could get a QB say in the 1992 draft woukd be met with torches and pitchforks.

Besides! We had Andre Ware! What could go wrong?


There is no freaking way Carolina would agree to this trade.


Add to that, I don’t believe in giving RBs a second contract. That position can productively be filled without investing a big chunk of cap space.

Of course it is easy. That is why the Lions haven’t been able to fill the job since Barry!

The deal would be very fair for both sides. Right now Carolina has little other chance to trade up for a QB without severely mortgaging their future.

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Why would they do that?

Yep, they still wouldn’t do it.

Hell is more likely to freeze over…and I am not talking about the city in Michigan


Wouldn’t the Panthers be better off with Mc Caffrey and any rookie QB they selected at #3 or #5 in a trade up and sacrifice a 2nd and 3rd round pick as compensation ?
Paying Mc Caffrey is easy with a rookie QB and Kuechly retiring .


Hah! I have family in Pinckney!

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That’s awesome. I went to school with a kid from Hell…and he was a very strange dude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Hell of a guy” huh?! :crazy_face:

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How in the world is Carolina going to trade up to #3 or #5 competing against teams with far more draft capital? They are not going to win any competition using picks against Miami or SD for a QB.

If you are Carolina, do you want to start building around your RB or a QB?

I’ve been through Hell…Many times. Graduated 15 minutes from there.

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Because people are overvaluing the 2nd QB that is going to be drafted. I would say that Burrows and Tua are not slam dunks in any case, both have question marks. I don’t think there is going to be as much bidding to move up as people think.

I don’t know JR …If Miami wants 2 or 3 they have more Ammo same for San Diego…The Panthers still have to put fans in the seats, no Cam, McCaffrey or Kleuchy is not the recipe to do so.
Trading McCaffrey a high blue chip talent for a ? or potential is not smart business , trading potential (Draft picks) for potential is and has always been the path most teams take . The only way the choice to part with McCaffrey would ever make sense would be McCaffrey being a player that was trying to force his way out …holding out , refusing to sign a new deal and letting Carolina know …anything short of that, he is one of, if not the best in the game you pay the man and find another way or wait .

Would be a screw job of sorts for the Lions. You lose out on higher draft capital for a position player who is going to be demanding top dollar. A position that in today’s NFL isn’t viewed as having an extraordinarily long shelf life. That’s not taking into account that we could potentially gain additional draft picks which could expedite the process of making us relevant(don’t want to hear no draft pick is going to help if BQ/MP are making it) so I would definitely pass on this scenario.

I have absolutely no idea what those questions marks would be about Burrow? He checks off every box. If you want to “question” him about only having one spectacular season… whatever. The guy literally checks off every box you want in a QB. I listened to an interview at the super bowl and the kid is so confident. I can understand not being sold on Tua and Herbert. But Burrow is a slam dunk 1OA who is a franchise changer. He’s the best college QB to come out since Luck.

You may not think so, and don’t get me wrong I think he is good, but that is a big red mark whether you choose to agree with it or not.

A one year wonder (Stellar one year, superb ) who had the same talent around him the year before, who looked like half of himself compared to this season, a season this year with an offense and scheme that other schools could not defend adequately , a QB that did not make every throw and can’t …A QB that failed to unseat 3 other QB’s that really were not …Slam dunks themselves .
He checks off every box ?

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