New WR Hodge already willingly takes pay cut!

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wow that may help us secure a serious playmaker down the road, nice young man KH is.

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If I was a bubble nfl player not knowing I’d necessarily have a job in a couple weeks, I’d take 80 g’s up front and then work my ass off to make sure I got the rest of it


Good move for both sides.
This cat see that the Lions are destined to be restored as king of the jungle, and wants a part of it.
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This was a great move by Holmes, claiming him at $2.13M, then negotiating a $1.13M pay cut to stay on the team. We had leverage over him as we could cut him and he probably wouldn’t get claimed . . . forcing to sign for league minimum somewhere. OR he could stay here take a pay cut and be on a team with questionable WR’s. This, of course, sets Hodge up to get a pay day as he will be a UFA next season.

Great smart move by Holmes!!!


Watching these guys work contracts vs Wood? Six years after he was signed to be president of the Lions, (in November), he’s got to be watching and saying things like, “Gee, I didn’t know you could do that.”. That’s right Tom, we aren’t negotiating the contract for the gardener at Ford Estates.

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Russ Thomas knew how to pinch a penny as well.


I’m not sure if I’d classify this as pinching a penny.

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On this stage its couch cushion money. We’ve already established that. So the real question comes down to what end? What was the purpose how will it all play out on the field. If the “purpose” was to beat an early 20s kid out of money…congrats, I guess. If the goal and end game was bigger, I’m willing to listen. But I’m not interested in saving a million without an explanation. That’s Russ Thomas level shit.

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Wood didn’t work contracts.

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Russ Thomas was paying under market because of the stronghold that the teams had over their players ability to enter UFA.

Hodge’s agent knows if another team other than Detroit put a claim in on him and may have been just as surprised by the claim by Detroit. With him accepting a discount, he gets a little money guaranteed plus is in an excellent position to get paid next season in UFA. Detroit gets a good player to compete. Win, Win for both parties.

If Hodge or his agent thought he should be getting $2.1M, they could have said no and been free to sign ANYWHERE . . . but this is nothing like the NFL when Thomas ran the Lions, Hodge had options, players in Thomas’ era didn’t.


He had to approve them.

I understand what you are saying. I appreciate it to the Nth degree…and I hope you understand that. But to that guy and his family and his wife/girlfriend, etc that was REAL money. To the organization that was chump change. So unless you had a real reason for taking that money, why did you do it? As was joked about earlier in the thread, you aren’t going to suddenly sign the next great free agent pickup because of this. So what was the end game?


Dude was in Ford Field, miles away from the football action. Quinn was the czar, along with his henchmen and capologist.

Disner was here and still is here. He’s the resident cap guru.

This contract has to do with Brad’s relationship with the guy and their knowing the market for him. I wouldn’t make it any bigger than that.

It sure beats pinching a Rod Wood


I understand what you’re saying Wes, and in cash terms, yes, 1 million is chump change. In terms of cap space gained it is not. We’re only $7 mil under entering the season, that’s significant chunk of it.


Or, the kid decided that he was willing to adjust his cash flow to ensure he was picked up and stayed with the Lions to get a legit shot at starting in games?!

Do we know if his contract was annexed in any way regarding performance incentives? I can’t find any so far

My point is that he was never going to get paid $2.1M. That $2.1M “real money” was never going to be earned, even back in March when he signed his RFA tender with the Browns. He would have had to blow the Browns out of the water during camp (not only ST, but as a valuable/better WR than what they had). It’s part of the rub of being a RFA where you get no guaranteed money unless you make the final roster. He was always going to get cut and sign for the league minimum, $920K. That’s his market value . . . not $2.1M.

If you are of the belief that he was going to get paid $2.1M somewhere, then you are right . . . penny pinching. But I don’t think that’s the case.

Virtually everyone that is cut during the final cuts, sign for the league minimum. Elite players might get more, but even good players that are cut sign for the league minimum.

What I like about what Holmes did was he claimed him, said hey this is a really good situation here, renegotiate for the league min and we’ll throw you $80K bonus. win win. I would be surprised if Hodge isn’t elated with what the Lions did.

You find enough chump change in the sofa, you can get ham sandwich from the deli.


And besides the chunk of change it was just cool Holmes did it because, he could.

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Balanced out the money lost on Perriman.
Not really, but it probably makes Sheila feel better.