Newest Inside the Den just dropped

Inside the Den 2022 Episode 3: Looking for a Game-Changer - YouTube


NICE! Been waiting for this one to be released. Let the Kool-Aid floweth through my veins.

These are so fucking good. The Lions media team is the best in the biz



Completely full of emotion after watching Aaron Glenn speak. (12:13 mark)

A.G. has an incredible amount of love and trust for Dan Campbell. That river runs deep.

Can you be anymore pumped about what we are building here in Detroit? We may not win a Super Bowl, but I’m damn proud of the guys we have in the Allen Park right now.


Yeah Aarroonn Glleenn was the star of this video for sure. That guys going to be a great head coach one day.


AG has alot of passion. He’s going to turn that unit around this year.

I try not to get too excited, but Aaron Glenn really had this defense competing when we were trotting out new bodies every week. Now imagine getting Romeo and Okudah back and then adding a top pass rusher, and a talented LB’er and S. With the coaching we have on defense I could see us surprising a little bit.

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Hard Knocks gonna get us a Rooney draft pick for Glenn…


Aaron Glenn speaks softly but with weight. Great quality for a leader INO. Caldwell had that.


I think Hard Knocks is going to open up a lot of eyes with fans, players, and coaches.

I had a question about that rule. If a team hires the Canadian sprinter by accident do we still get a third rounder? We’d still be responsible for the increase in diversity.

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Only if he passes the drug test


You haven’t heard about the new WAMITL rule? You now have to be with your team three years to qualify for the comp pick. The acronym is: Wait A Minute Its The Lions.


This is how most coaching staffs work, Arron Glen didnt day anything, just saying how he thinks Lions will be good. What the hell do you think a coach will say, This whole video is so basic bullshit that,when somebody days Arron Glen is the next great coach,It doesnt take much to be a head coach. Tell me your high school coach didnt talk the same way.

Thanks for sharing, love the coaching staff.

It looks like Penei has been hitting the weights hard.

That was cool, thank you for posting!

AG always giving me the chills-ies.

He looks way bigger than last year.

The cohesiveness of the message and the passion from the top down is so UNLIKE SOL.
I love what I’m seeing.
Thanks for the post!