Next shoe for WFT dropped

Shocker alert-Dan Snyder is human garbage

he needs to get launched into space

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Shocker alert, nothing will be done because half the owners are exactly the same.


Also because Goodell is literally their buffer to reality



Daddy is pissed


What would it take for the league to meaningfully lose revenue and therefore care. Even if Gruden wins a $200M verdict…so…what. That’s, what 1% of league revenue?

Would a big ole Gruden/Snyder shit sandwich put a dent in the league’s only concern?

The only thing that could hurt the league is, oddly, the one thing they’re not only flirting with, but french kissing on the dance floor…a major gambling scandal

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Now THAT would be concerning…if congress actually got motivated to pull the antitrust exemptions. But, I think it will take more than Dan Snyder behaving badly for that to happen.


So why was Jerry Richardson more or less forced to sell his team for arguably less severe issues? My guess is the answer is that bc this same issue permeates a significant chunk of the league and Goodell is trying to keep the levee from breaking.

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Because the other Jerrah (he’s like pork that way) let his shit get public.

Not that I don’t think Snyder is a sleeve ball. He probably did what he’s being accused of.

But the Washington Post has been on a witch hunt and lately a lot of the stuff they have wrote about had turned out to be embellished and or false information.

In the midst of the post being sued by Felicia Sonmez’s for similar allegations against the post. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Read into that story and you realize not long ago the post was about bankrupt. Their new management team has taken on this new directive to attack, and accuse because it sells. Then deal with the consequences later so to speak. They’ve been sued a lot lately.

This is also in the time period where Tesla is also being sued for similar allegations. This seems to becoming all too familiar.

Anyway the truth will come out I’m sure but there definitely is a lot of people who want to tear down Dan Snyder. It just seems like they’ve been trying to run him out of Washington for years.


Excerpt begin-his lawyers filed petitions in federal court seeking, in part, to identify former employees who had spoken to the Post— an effort one federal judge suggested was intended ‘to burden and harass’ former employees who had spoken to reporters."

Meanwhile, private investigators hired by Snyder reportedly “showed up uninvited at the homes of several former employees or contacted their friends and relatives, according to these former employees or their attorneys acts many of them viewed as intimidation aimed at discouraging former employees from participating in the NFL’s investigation.”


These allegations above are of the extremely easy to verify independently type. Court records and and phone calls to a group of ex employees and relatives.

I’m not going to defend any media outlet, and if I did WaPo would be way down the list, because, well all their trust level after the last 15 years has sunk below that of leaving a pile of coke next to Rick James…but Im going to believe them on this one.


I believe it too, but I’ve been around the block a time or two as well. Crooks investigating creeps is a great pr move, but at the end if the creeps is smart, there’ll be a new non-profit setup with a large endowment, the hiring of some questionable people at robust salaries, a couple campaign donations and it’ll fade into the woodwork of bureaucratic machinations.

That’s why I always enjoyed working in third world countries. They were more upfront about their dishonesty and alot less convoluted. :laughing:.

Don’t shoot the messenger.


Has it been so familiar all along ? Seems like Snyder has a lot of smoke so that’s why people have wanted him out for years

Like I said I don’t doubt he did it. But he also has picked a fight with the post more than once and they’ve been on his ass for it too. The Washington Post is about as ethical as he is. So I’m sure there’s way more or less to this story than we know.

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Donald Sterling was a known slumlord during his ownership of the Clippers. He didn’t get forced out until he was proven to be a savagely racist slumlord. That seems to be the litmus test for whether a team owner gets booted from the club. You can be a terrible person who got rich doing ethically questionable things, but adding bigotry or sexual misconduct to the mix makes you radioactive.

It probably helps that Sterling (NBA) and Jerry Richardson weren’t among the most influential of team owners. I don’t even want to know what Jerry Jones would have to do before the NFL would decide he has to go.


The cynical me wonders if this isn’t some attempt at distraction away from the Gruden lawsuit against the NFL.

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Sounds like one hell of a pitch for a reality TV show…

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I’m not defending the post
But I’m definitely not going out on a limb to defend Snyder

The post reported but the story is the many employees who have spoken out

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“But the Washington Post has been on a witch hunt and lately a lot of the stuff they have wrote about had turned out to be embellished and or false information.”

Like what?