Next time we face the Bears

This is true of every good team. Whenever a superior team loses, you can bet most of the time turnovers played a part. Like Eagles vs Jets and 49ers vs Browns.

Hey Yo Jon said to kick Green Bay’s Ass.

Just clean up the turnovers. We gave up 4 drives on turnovers and extended two of theirs on ticky tack penalties. They did not dominate us for 55 minutes like their fans seem to think. Things just werent bouncing our way.

Agreed. They seem to forget we were actually leading at halftime.

Now I will say from the start of the 3rd quarter to four minutes left they gave it to us pretty good, but even then we made some important stops to hold them to FGs

Before the game, we were discussing how the Bears had a stout run defense, correct? And that they were weak against passes to RBs?

Perhaps the game plan/practice reps just didn’t have as many ‘run plays’ dialed up for the week? That seems kind of weird (like, you should be able to run any of your plays any time), but may have been a factor?

People with more knowledge than me can probably tell me why I’m wrong about this idea. :slight_smile:

I think the early miscues put the OC and offense on a whole behind the 8ball, took them off their game plan as they conintued to sputter. They never got into the flow.

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