Next Two Weeks Are Going to Be Very Interesting

First off , am kind of blown away in saying this. Thought they were not well prepared for this game. Kind of the opposite of what I thought from the previous couple of months of readings and watchings, Plus, can’t forget the “Hard Knocks” exposure. Okay, they looked like shit for the most part.

The Poopy:

  • Scared to death of the backup QB position, even more now than ever.
  • How many passes were thrown at head level today. The DL had to duck not to get hit.
  • The starting Oline, this could be an issue I never saw. Thought this wasn’t even a problem just last week. For at least a few games until they gel.
  • Know really nothing about Pitt, but they did man handle us.
  • Something really looked amiss. Can’t really pinpoint it.

The Goods:

  • Think Stenberg is our #3 guard, he looked good, again.
  • Holding Pitt to about 50 FG’s, and mostly kept them out of the end zone.

The Humpth:

  • Cuts may now be easier. Many did not enhance their resumes.
  • How is Campbell going to handle this crappy showing. Tune into “Hard Knocks Ep. 4”.
  • The DB room has to be a point of concern.

Still have faith, dammit. Just my two cents…


Definitely agree with this. And towards the end of the game they didn’t look like they were playing all that hard. Sort of goes against the whole greedy kneecap biting thing

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Do I dare say Quintricia-isk.


I think both Boyle and Blough get cut. Both are hot garbage and we are better off looking on the waiver wire.


Sounds like Campbell knows that Boyle’s not the answer and probably thinks that Blough is not the answer either and is going to be looking for a different quarterback altogether to be the backup. At least his presser sounded that way

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The starting oline wasn’t an issue. They picked up blitzes and handed off stunts really well. I spent a lot of time rewatching plays several times. There were a lot of other issues going on that made them look bad. The pocket was good for the majority of snaps. They got good movement in the run game. Hockenson had a terrible day blocking. It seems like he’s getting worse not better. The play calling was interesting. They had a lot of two tight end formations and bunches that grouped everything close to the line. So the Steelers were playing with 8 or 9 in the box all day. They were also coming downhill right on the snap. They blitzed the hell out of us with zero fear of the passing game. Our quarterbacks often drifted out of clean pockets into pressure. Or they threw the ball right away instead of allowing plays to develop. They also missed a ton of open receivers. I could go on and on but really there’s no point. We all saw it.


I’m keeping blough until we have a capable backup on the roster.


I really want to view his presser. Thanks for the reminder. :+1:

It’s very telling to me that he let the clock run out instead of trying a Hail Mary. That’s not his style. He was beyond pissed.


I’d be pleased if that’s true. Get a veteran backup. Did Fitzmagic retire?

Going to pack a bowl, grab a sixer and rewatch the game now.

Pray for me…


Good post. Remember this is pre-season and it was meant to weed out a QB, so I think they wanted challenging scenarios. And they got 'em. One shining light was run game remains sound even with 3rd, 4th and 5th string RBs in. Well, I mean Jefferson’s getting cut, but still we’ll be able to ground and pound.

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It may make you actually feel better. Watch our line and you’ll see it wasn’t as bad as it looks first glance.


Hank fraley has done a remarkable job with our backups. They don’t even look like the same unit we saw against th falcons.


Might be that it’s a preseason game :man_shrugging:


I get it. But with two weeks to the start, we have more issues to address than we did just a few days ago.

Time frame shit…

I am so watching the QB wavier wire over the next couple of weeks.

If Tim Boyle can be a QB for the lions I feel like I can too.

I’m blowing hot air. Lions should go after Minshew, dude knows how to play football. Blough may only be viable enough to keep us in the game for one or two drives before he stalls out, but i’d rather have a backup that can hold their own for a few games. Or a complete unknown lol.


I’m sorry but there should be no way that Boyle is on an NFL roster, and Blough isn’t much better

I think the Eagles may be trying to sneak Carson Strong onto their practice squad. He’s barely played and only attempted four passes. If I’m Brad I pounce on him if he gets cut. Cut both Boyle and Blough for all I care. If Goff goes down we’re f’ckd regardless.