Next week vs GB

Hope slay is back to 100%.

Looks like Safeties will have to help with run defense so CBs will have to be at their best.

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If the Pack plays us like they are playing Dallas we are in deep do-do.

Any of us (myself included) that thought going to GB was a great chance is in for a rude awakening. We are going to have to play at least as well as we did vs mc if not better


Our secondary is better and we will have a better game plan.

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24-0, Packers…IN DALLAS.

…Where are the “we can get two from the Packers” guys??..

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I’d be pretty shocked if the Lions won in Green Bay. I said this before the Dallas game.
This is the healthiest Rodgers has been in a long time and one of the best defenses they’ve had in a while. It’ll take an “off” game from the Packers for the Lions to pull it off.

Still could.

GB was always going to be a tough game, Dallas game doesn’t change that.

But lets not draw too much from what GB is doing to Dallas. Dallas has beaten, NYG, Wash, & Miami and lost to NO and GB.

Detroit has been playing far better than Dallas has been playing and will create issues for GB that Dallas doesn’t.


To be fair Dallas has given away some opportunities and GB has taken advantage.

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Right here, buddy! That was my original prediction, and still is (unless we sit people because we want to rest players our last game of the season).


We can win at Lambeau.


I think we will win that game!

I was of the opinion that the GB defense got worse before the season started. They made some fairly pedestrian moves in FA, and took the first DB taken in the draft in Savage. Didn’t see how losing Daniels and adding a DB could be the upgrade that it was/is. Well, great job of coaching this group up, no doubt about it.

I’m Actually kind of glad GN is winning like this, this week.

MP will use this for motivation

I was worried if GB got thier ass kicked, we get lazy… not so much now!


I’m starting to think the days of us getting lazy is becoming a thing of the past. We handle our business against GB, we can win the division.

We will get exactly what we earn and deserve. Let’s get it on!!!

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Me too.
We ain’t Dallas.


No easy games ever. Green Bay has a top 5 qb and a surprisingly good defense. Throw in solid running game and they will be a tough game.

I like our chances if we play great. If not, it will be a long day.

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OMG Dallas has given this game away so many times in

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They will get bombed in Detroit soon!

GB upcoming schedule

About to find out what GB really is too.

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