NFC North 0-4

We are all upset with the loss, on the plus side all teams in our division lost this week. We didn’t lose any ground in the division.


And all were to NFC opponents.

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Good. The lone bright spot today.

Besides the points situation, the one advantage GB has right now is 1-0 in the division. Really this might as well still be August looking at the standings.

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Yeah sucked ass today but atleast rest of the divison took a shit aswell

Annndd we play falcons next week


The loss sucks but I think a lot of us expected to be 1-1 after 2 weeks.

We will find out a lot about this team next week with how they respond.


Well with that kind of attitude… :rofl:

Fields 16/29 211 yds. TD-1. Int-2 Rush 4/3 yds TD-1/2 Rating-61.1

Love 14/25 151 yds TD-3 Rush 2/23 Rating 113.5

Cousins 31/44 364 yds TD-4 Rating 125.6

Goff 28/35 323 yds TD 3/1 Rating 121.8

Yep, in the same spot.

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Da Bears GIFs | Tenor

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Cant lose at home.

Fields 4 carries for 3 yards… now that’s some game tape AG needs to study.