NFC North Power Rankings *some swearing and probably not kid or work safe*


VERY entertaining.

Dan Campbell, “I’m picturing him next to Jim Caldwell who looked like he was sleeping with his eyes open.”

Unfortunately, the Lions don’t play the Texans, “so we don’t get to see Corn Elder covering Randall Cobb.”



2 players with penis in their name that are here to penetrate. LOL.

I liked this dude.

Anyone else still getting pissed, when they hear breakdowns of Patricia’s defense?


Nice find, Holmes! A fun watch.
Hoping for a Packer demise.

Yes… I do. Every time I hear “it’s hard to explain how bad they were…” which has been written by many writers, ugh… it really is hard to explain. They had a worse defense than the 2008 team!!!


Just listening to the stats about last year’s defense…it really was as bad as it looked.

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Hard to believe given the absolute dearth of defensive talent on the 2008 team, but true.


Here’s a paradox… if the 20 Lions had the 08 defense and the 08 Lions had the 20 defense, would we have had our 0-16 year last year???


If a bear poops in the woods and nobody is around to smell it, does it smell?

Matt Patricia needed Stafford in order to not finish 0-16. Give him a QB on a lower level and he would have gone 0-16 several times. He was that bad.


Yeah for sure. Give him daunte culpepper past his prime and Dan orlovsky and drew Henson (did he even play that year?) and yes. We are getting blown out of the water, clouds, stratosphere every week.

I honestly think Patricia could have managed 0-16 at least once even if you gave him Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Bradford. Fatty Matty genuinely needed prime Matt Stafford playing at a high level just to have a chance of winning a few games here and there.


What do you make of the Patriots seemingly making him the heir apparent to Belichick?

I don’t necessarily buy it, and I wonder if he would be more successful in more of a front office role… but I dunno. If he became HC of the Patriots in the next couple years that would have to be looked at as a terrible move. His defenses were never that great to begin with rankings wise

They can do whatever they want. Its pretty clear that the only chance in hell of the Patriot Way working is in New England.

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A front office role for someone that lacks people-skills?

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“Well-well look. I already told you: I deal with the god damn customers so the engineers don’t have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?”

frustrated office space GIF


The only success Patty would have taking over in New England would come on the fading coattails of a team built by Belichick. The further away from Bill that ship sailed, the fewer games they’d win, until they were just as ramshackle as the Lions were when he got the axe.

The most difficult part to reconcile was his brazen, belligerent egotism. He was God awful but treated everyone like he was a God, and that they were lucky to be around him. I don’t understand how guys like that keep getting chances.

Despite our long and sordid history of train wreck head coaches, I truly believe Patty was the worst. And that’s saying something. The guy is a generationally talentless coach.


I got ripped apart numerous times on here for saying the 2008 team was better than last year’s squad in certain areas. Glad there is at least some stat I can point to now.


Lol let me rephrase, maybe a personnel role, where he sits in on meetings and says “pick these guys” or something like that

Patricia would be good for fetching donuts and bagels for meetings. Not much else.