NFC North Teams Roster Draft Positions

Just want to point out how the Lions roster is devoid of talent. I think Holmes has done an awesome job finding these UFAs. Here’s the Lions current roster and their draft positions. I thought this was interesting. We have the most undrafted free agent signings in the NFC North. The Lions only have two individuals that were 2nd round draft picks on the roster.

Here’s the Bears current roster and their draft status.

Here’s the Vikings:

Here’s the Packers:

If it’s hard to see, check it out here: Detroit Lions Player Contracts, Salaries, & Transactions | Spotrac

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Here are the Lions free agents.

2022 NFL Free Agents Tracker | Spotrac

There are 10 from that group that I would bring back.

Great stat. With a roster this bad, more of them will make the roster.
That said, some of these cats might stick on a good roster too.
I believe in Holmes.