NFL and the WWE

Does anyone else find it funny that they are advertising the WWE during NFL games? Most of use already think the are one in the same.

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A lot of it does feel scripted.

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Especially considering WWE is doing some SERIOUSLY nefarious things in order to make money these days.

The other parallel: Despite being a lifelong fan of WWE, I quit watching it due to a combo of poor product and poor business practices.

But hey, more time for the NHL & AEW!

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They’re still separate? I thought they had merged.

The WWE referees have more credibility.


Does this mean it would be appropriate for me to smash a chair on Paul Pasqualoni’s back?

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Or tie up Jeff Rice in the ropes?

Now we know why Houchili worked so hard on his guns

I think the Hochuli clan would make great WWE refs.


Not sure why I’m asking cuz I quit having interest in Big Time Wrestling after Dick the Bruiset and the Shiek!!
But …
What are they doing business wise?

Well legally they are both the same type of entity - “Sports entertainment”. This technically allows the NFL to do the same type of things that the WWE does…

Oh you know, the usual. Making craploads of money by being a propaganda arm of the Saudi Arabian government.

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For sure.

I mean, have you ever seen Ed Hochuli take a chair shot, or even just a flat back bump? Hell no you haven’t.

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Not that I wouldn’t like to have…or thought about doing.

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what gets me is Triple H is the Boss and CEO of Raw and they are having a WWE Vs NXT battle and Triple H is acting like he is the Leader of NXT & not Raw or Smackdown.

I watch WWE each week , I like it BUT having said that, know it’s “entertainment” not reality.

yes, some of it is overly childish and silly : Bray Wyatt’s half-assed Mr Roger’s skit , The 24/7 belt, That Congo line, when they put a couple nobody small-thin wrestlers in matches against vet wrestlers twice their size, to Randy Orton interrupting matches by RKO’ing certain wrestlers during good matches , to those fools shaking their ass and throwing pancakes all over , to a gimpy Rey Mysterio thinking he’s going to beat Brock Lesnar on his own.