NFL approves multiple helmets starting in 2022!

Multiple helmets are back! If anyone doesn’t know, the NFL handed down a “one helmet” policy years ago when all of the concussion stuff happened. They got some safety consultant on board and they recommended only using one helmet per season, with some dumb idea that it was safter than a broken in helmet.

What that meant was teams were limited in what they could do with their alternate uniform options, but it had to make sense with their base helmet. The ability to have multiple helmets opens up options. For us its probably not as big of a deal.

Those Pats helmets were nice.
My personal favorite from the early Elway years…

Fox Sports Laughing GIF by FOX Sports: Watch. Enjoy. Repeat.

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This is going to open up some matte black helmets in the rotation for some teams. I know its not for everybody but I love them.

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Same - I love that too…even on cars. Matte black is great. I hope we go to a flat paint on our helmet too. I don’t like the meta flake cheese we have.

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My wife is a big fan of “nardo grey.” It would work for a Lions helmet.

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Is that a flat paint? I’d love it! Looks less pretty/flashy, and instead says “we’re here to kick your ass.”

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mel brooks comedy GIF by HULU


Someone here that knows more about it will have to explain it. It’s grey which normally just kind of blends in on the road but there is something about this color and how they do it that stands out.

Audi does it the best IMO. I think this color is called frozen black but someone can correct me. I know BMW has a line of “frozen” colored including grey and they aren’t gloss but not quite typical matte either.

And here is a frozen grey BMW.


I dont think it necessarily has to be flat, I think some call it “cement or concrete gray.”

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fucking LOVE that flat paint on that BMW. I want a 79 Firebird or TransAm with that paint on it.

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Flat option by an absolute mile

That’s the “nardo grey” I was talking about that my wife loves.

Audi. LOL

It’s a 2011, but looks like a 2021 car.

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