NFL Coaches on the hot seat; hottest of hottest

Ron Rivera Commanders 88%
Josh McDaniels Raiders 62%
Matt Eberflus Bears 47%
Todd Bowles Buccaneers 26%
Robert Saleh Jets 20%
Kevin O’Connell Vikings 18%
Arthur Smith Falcons 18%
Brandon Staley Chargers 17%
Dennis Allen Saints 15%
Kevin Stefanski Browns 14%
Brian Daboll Giants 9%
Mike Vrabel Titans 8%
Dan Campbell Lions 7%
Doug Pederson Jaguars 6%
Matt LaFleur Packers 4%
Mike McDaniel Dolphins 3%
Zac Taylor Bengals 3%
Mike McCarthy Cowboys 2%
Nick Sirianni Eagles 2%
Kyle Shanahan 49ers 2%
Sean McVay Rams 1%

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This estimate takes into account forecasted 2023 team performance only and no external fa

I think that is a pretty good list. I have a different opinion, but I think the its mainly ni picking a few guys here and there. I think Kevin O’Connell can be moved down to the single digits. The chances of him getting fired after this season is nearly 0%. Then I would take Todd Bowles and increase the chances of him getting fired. He just turned in a losing season with Tom Brady as his QB, and they have gotten worse…not better. I could easily see a top 5 pick worthy team performance and Todd Bowles being sent out to pasture.

But, but, Bruce Arians will not be happy!


We must find a way to keep that Viking front office intact!!!

I’d move Dan Campbell down to 2%. Basically flip him and McCarthy.



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