NFL defensive coordinator crowns Lions OC Ben Johnson as biggest challenge


I think Ben is one of the best in the league, but he can do what he does because of the OL that he has and the fact that he has someone as intelligent and capable as Goff. If he had an average or below average QB, his name wouldn’t be brought up like it is.

Ecstatic that we have him for another year though.


I agree with all of that.

Another year with the band all being back together is going to be huge.

The offense is gonna be scary good.


Still can’t get over how amazing of a fit Goff is here with us and Ben, Dan, Brad

And how amazing of a fit Stafford is with Mcvay and the Rams

Best trade ever



Hard to think of a better one in Lions history in terms of draft compensation AND how the picks obtained were utilized.

The trade of Roy Williams could have been much better had the picks been used better, but even then, it doesn’t really approach this one.


So you like Goff better than Stafford?

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Remember when they tried to run a complex offensive scheme with stafford and he struggled? And they had to cut down the playbook the next year?

Idk if it was stafford or the fact they never had an ELITE OL or a halfway respectable Running game.

But all of it plays together.

1 top 5 OL
2 Great Running attack
3 Complex play book from Ben Johnson
4 A QB with high QB IQ.

All of that works together to make the offense very hard to defend against.

Yea QB IQ is a metric thats hard to measure and doesn’t show up on the highlight real.
But thats Goffs elite trait.

And people that hate on Goff dont like him because the highlight real isnt sexy.
No tight spiral, no 40 yard bombs, no 20 yard runs.

But hitting the open receiver (even if its the 5th option) on time and on target is huge,
Not taking bad sacks is HUGE.

Theres more than 1 QB style to win a super bowl.

And the style goff plays is elite


When Ben got promoted to OC it was reported he spent significant time with Goff building the offense with plays that Goff liked and was confident in executing. To me that’s huge. So many coordinators are stuck in their ways and don’t evolve. While BJ and Goff collaborated on building the offense. Very good sign as a young coach. Gets players to buy in more too.

I also think Coach Campbell plays a huge role in the offense’s success. He’s no meathead. 10 years as an nfl tight end, plus 5 years learning under Payton and Drew Brees.


How was Ben Johnson hit the OC from the jump :person_shrugging:


It had to do with receivers that never ran a choice route and an OL that was attempting to meld together under a toxic OL coach. (and a dipstick TE taken at 10 OA)

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Yet even when they had a halfway decent team. The game plan was always “throw it to calvin”
From 2010-2014 calvin got almost 30% of targets.

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Probably the greatest thing they did in building this offense. Imagine a OC and QB working together like this!



The sweet part is we don’t have to imagine anything.


Yes Mo cheese is happy that we don’t have to imagine anything