NFL Draft Vids

We saw some of the NFL draft war rooms posted. Here’s some more I found. I love them. If anyone has any more, post them please.

New England Patriots. Is that Matty P in this vid?

Indianapolis Colts. Our John Dorsey calls.

Minnesota Vikings

All the Ravens’ 2021 Draft Calls | Baltimore Ravens

Behind the Bears aggressive Draft weekend | 1920 Football Drive Episode 4 | Chicago Bears

Behind-the-Scenes at the 49ers 2021 NFL Draft

2021 Texans Draft | Building the Texans, Episode 4

Behind the scenes of the Falcons 2021 NFL Draft | Mini-Movie - Detroit Calls

Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft and Rookie Minicamp | The Hunt: Inflection Point (Ch. 3)

This is awesome. I can’t wait to dig thru them. Thanks!

I don’t have time to watch today, but will want to check out the Atlanta one…“Detroit Calls” I am guessing trying to move up to the 4th pick to grab Sewell. Will be interesting to see that convo, if that in fact is what we will get to see

I’ve watched every one of them and I think the Lions is the 2nd best. The only video that is more “behind the scenes” is Carolina’s