NFL free agency: Lions LB Jarrad Davis to the Jets--1 year $5.5M w $1.5 NLTBE

Despite four rough years in Detroit, the Lions’ former first-round pick has apparently created some buzz in early free agency talks.

Well, the market may price him beyond the Lions range, but that may be a good thing for both sides.

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I do wish him well.

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Really hoping he can stay and transform.

I think Transformer level is a little much to ask from a guy who has been more like that stupid mechanical owl on Harry Hamlin’s shoulder in Clash of the Titans…

Let’s split the difference and see if he can be Wall-E.


LOL - Johnny 5?
I’d love for him to transform into Healthy Levy. I am with you, I have serious doubts. If there’s lots of interest around the league, it could be a good sign (if we can afford him). 100% of his problems have been between the ears. Dude is pretty healthy, athletic, great attitude…and has the football instincts of a footstool.


I guess my hope was to bring him back cheap, transition him exclusively to an edge rusher. He sucks at coverage, why try to pigeonhole him into a role that requires it. Put him on the edge and his role is to get after the QB, similar to how Mack is used. He’s got good speed, 245#.


Does this mean we might actually get a comp pick for once?

Think someone would have to sign him for 8M+/yr to expect a comp pick.

Jarrad Davis is more Go-Bot like

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If he cost more than 2.5 you let him go to the highest bidder. He’s had 4 years to show out and he’s been terrible

Yo homes, smell ya later


Was Patricia this damn bad that other teams see value in players that we “couldn’t find roles” for?

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This analysis is mostly correct, but this year is unique for us for 2 reasons.

  1. So many players will be cut that there will be plenty of talent available to fill holes with street free agents such as tyrell williams and Josh Hill.

  2. We don’t need to spend big on free agents because we aren’t trying to win this year. We are trying to eat bad deals and acquire more draft capital. That is our mission this year. Holmes knows that and will play this so we get compensatory picks for Golladay and Okwara, and possibly others


Many fans had no idea what we had in Davis. If he leaves and goes to a decent team, the next 3-4 years are going to be interesting. Many posts are not going to age well.


It’s going to be worse than Van Noy. He’s going to blow up, and “ACT LiKE i DONT KNOW NOBODY.”

Agree 1000%

I remember countless times when 97.1 shock jocks lambasted Stafford for not “looking the part.”

I called in once and advised Brady didn’t look awesome throwing for 74 yards and 4 ints in a 25 point loss to Miami.

Davis got smoked by Zeke. Likely other times too. However as a full time starter he had 100 tackles and 6 sacks.

Who else here has done that?

Anyone think there’s a chance that his career — like many others — was skewed by Patricia’s presence? How can Okudah get a pass and not Davis, when Davis’s career was virtually dependent upon the same garbage scheme?

I’m guessing if there’s a competitive market — and Campbell himself is a fan of Davis — there are things we aren’t seeing.


It is possible he gets put in the right scheme and flourishes.

Losing Davis at this point would really piss me off. Not so much at Holmes as he has the resources he has but at Patricia who sucked at developing players on defense.

I am not going to be broken up to lose him as replacing him is possible but I want him back as an off ball defender. If he walks that sucks.

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