NFL free agency: Lions LB Jarrad Davis to the Jets--1 year $5.5M w $1.5 NLTBE

I gave up on Davis but would really like to see him get another year here. Guys got so much athletic ability.

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Sounds like at least a few other teams in the NFL should have fired their GM in the offseason like we did.

I’d like to see what he could do at WLB—the position he played at Florida.

Trying to make him into a MLB has been like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

I agree, but he wasn’t the mike last year. So there’s a sample size of 329 snaps that tells me he’s average at pass rushing, way below that in coverage, and misses too many tackles, regardless of his position on the field.

I wish him the best elsewhere, though I’m not sure how much development a vet LB is capable of in his 5th year.

I think with Davis it isn’t as much “developing” him as much as it’s putting him in a normal scheme where he can just go out and play. Patricia’s scheme was needlessly complicated and going by some of Fatty Matty’s words he was having his front 7 read things backwards and counterintuitively just to confuse the offenses blocking schemes.

I think Davis is a good football player and will contribute wherever he goes. I think he could even make it in New England because he would have Bill explaining it to him instead of Patricia.


Davis on a cheap 1 year, prove it deal would make sense for the Lions. After 4 years in the league, Davis hasn’t earned anything more than a 1 year deal with incentives. Ragland was clearly better than him last year, and Ragland is well below league average as well.

Davis could be a decent special teamer, he has speed, hits hard, might be able to extend his career on specials. Linebackers that can’t cover RB’s and TE’s in the modern day passing filled league are extremely difficult to find playing time for. If the Lions played more zone, we could hide his below average cover skills. Playing man to man like Patricia did most of the time, Davis had no shot to cover backs and TE’s in space.

Davis has also shown some flashes as a decent pass rusher, that’s worth experimenting more with if he returns.

I was floored when Quinn said he was drafted to be the MIKE. I had spent hours arguing that he’d be a WILL just to be proven wrong by Batman. If there’s room for him in Indy, that’s where I’d love for him to land.

Golladay = 3rd round comp pick
Okwara = 3rd or 4th depending on his contract
Davis = 4th - 6th depending on his contract

And also depends on who the lions sign.

For this upcoming season, I’m hoping the lions sign the cheapest options available, bite the bullet this upcoming season, take the picks and the cash and roll it into next year while continuing to purge the old players and turning over the front office.

Long term, not short, is the way.


Where did you get those stats from?
How many years are you looking at for those stats?
It’s small for his career stats but bigger than any one year stats, is why I’m asking.

He did play really well to end the 2018 season. Not sure why he couldn’t replicate that.

So your one that thinks the Coaching and system was fine ?

His fifth year option would have been around 10 million so I guess it is what it is.
Wish this new staff could have had a crack at him though.
Probably will get more than we dare pay.

No, I don’t believe the coaching and system was fine, but I also think his coverage and tackling issues have little to do with the scheme in circumstances when he’s in the proper position to make plays and whiffs–which is my primary perception of him during his time here. I think he’s a liability, and we can add him to the list along with Boss and Ernie.

I might be okay with resigning to a cheap one year deal where his only job is to pressure the qb on 3rd down. But if teams want to bid against each other to make him their starter, then good luck to him.

It might be weird for Detroit Lions fans to process the information, but it’s legit. Linebacker Jarrad Davis is getting a lot of hype and respect as one of the more attractive free agents hitting the LB market this year.

Among many outlets noting that there seems to be a robust demand for Davis, NFL Network’s Peter Schrager tweeted out that he’s hearing a lot of buzz about the 2017 first-rounder. Similar sentiments were echoed on ESPN Radio and Sirius XM NFL Radio in the past couple of days, including a recent quip from former GM and current host Pat Kirwan on Davis,

“He’s going to have more interest than you might think because there’s a perception that the coaching in Detroit wasn’t good for him”

But several people connected around the league are all saying the same thing, that there will be no shortage of teams that want Davis despite his underwhelming play for the vast majority of his four seasons in Detroit.

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I don’t see the point in letting him walk. We have other needs to worry about. Sign the man and move on to other problems.


As we hearing it, it won’t be a massive, eyebrow-raising deal. But it could happen fairly quickly. It ultimately could be a one-year contract in the range of $7 million or so. And it will give Davis a chance to show what he can do in a defense that better showcases his abilities.

If the new regime feels he can have a viable role in what they want to do, they’ll offer him a fair contract. If not, they’ll wish him well and try to find someone who does.

Once the contract of offered, it’s up to Davis if he wants to be here or somewhere else. Does he think the role fits him. Helps him best for a long term deal.

Happens all the time.

I don’t understand all the hand wringing about his leaving. If it happens, I wish him well. Good luck, hope he has a long, healthy career.

He’s been here through two HCs, one GM. The new guys should have an idea what he can and can’t do by now.

Many teams? Seems like over pursuit.


ironic :wink:



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