NFL Free Agency Rumors: Latest Insider Notes Surrounding the Lions, Packers, Vikings, and Bears

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Biggest storyline in the North might be Cousins? Torn achilles trying to come back from at age 35+ but also a free agent.

Will be interesting what the Vikes do at QB.

Maybe they trade up in round 1 for a QB. They don’t pick until 11th overall.

Or do you run it back with Kirk.

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I think they stay at 11 and draft a qb. Let Cousins walk, seems Minnesota fans blame him.forever thing. That means probably can resign Hunter.

They were a competitive team that almost made the playoffs with a rotation of scrap heap QBs this season.

Does jj go top 10? If not purple might be a good color for him.

Sign Cousins for two years and draft a QB

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Russell Wilson to the Vikings is my out there prediction

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I don’t think he will but it only takes one team to fall in love. I’m not expecting he will be a first rounder.

JJ is one of those QB’s that will likely be drafted higher than he should be. There are just too many QB needy teams.

What about Baker?

Whatever Queasy does, it seems probable he’ll get cute with it. That seems to be his MO.

I can’t imagine Cousins comes back. Krazy K has been pretty transparent about not being a fan of Kirk’s.

I can see it going either way. A team could fall in love with his tool set, and take him very early. Ala Daniel Jones. Or he could slip like Will Levis did. I think he has as much to gain as anybody at the combine.

Oh take the bet on him being a 1st rd qb. He should wow at the combine and at worse is a late 1st for the extra yr of team control. I wont be shocked if he goes top 10. Lets hope theres 4-5 qbs gone before lions pick.

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