NFL Free Agency Thread

Since I just got back to the states yesterday and am pretty much going to be sitting around all day today watching the free agency updates come in (and also because I woke up at 2 in the morning because of jet lag), I decided that I’ll go ahead and make the thread for today and the future’s updates. I’ll do my best to post everything generally here, but I’d assume that every Lions move will have it’s own thread in addition to the general discussion here.


So who’s ready for us to “splash” on Cameron Sutton for $7-$8M APY today!!!

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Also if we lose Jamaal I’m going to be very very upset. Especially if it’s to the Panthers.


BUT > > >


Is it 11am yet? These last two hours are going to drag! We need moves to criticize!


That’s a graphic reason why Brad won’t be making it rain on Wednesday. It might drizzle on Friday though…


Going to be a lot of disappointed people today. I don’t see the Lions making any moves. The Lions are going to use the same approach they have been doing.


So because we didn’t spend money when we had none, you assume a ready to win team will intentionally let guys walk that we’re key, replace them with garbage in the interest of hoarding money now that we have it?

That would be a new approach.

Since it’s widely reported we offered draft capital and we’re prepared to give Ramsey a new deal at age 28, let’s assume Holmes may have interest in guys beyond his Rams ties.

I bet we are a top 10 player in FA money

No, I assume they are going to use the same strategy that got them this far. Continue to build through the draft and count on the progression of 2nd & 3rd year players.

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Buggs resigned

3mill per year

good deal imo


By what standard? Number of players signed? Total $? How are we gonna be top 10 if we don’t sign anyone other than our own FAs until Thursday?

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Hell, yeah!!


We are also about to be the premier “prove it” destination and simultaneously a place where guys might go that want a chance to win… sounds crazy.

When you pick up 1-2M free agents like Anzalone, Elliott, and guys off the street like Brown…. And get waiver claims like Comish and Biggs snaps and stats that lead to multi year deals…then why not come to Detroit.

I see u Wormely, D Bush, T Hill, J Peppers, J Wilson, D Harris, F Cox, P Peterson, S Rankins, T Rapp, A Mattison etc.

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ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports “multiple teams believe” the Vikings have had trade talks centered around moving Dalvin Cook.

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Hey @Nate @Air2theThrown @Weaselpuppy any chance we could pin this thread?


Nyheim Hines restructured with Buffalo.

Does that take Jamaal off their radar?


Garappolo market opening up …

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