NFL IS FIXED....Had Enough

I just cant do it anymore…I cant do it. The NFL is taking away the PURITY OF THE GAME. I seriously hope all the players give zero effort, milk it, and WHO GIVE A CRAP ANYMORE ATTITUDE…

Hopefully the LEADERS of the Seahawks step up and expose the NFL…speaking about Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll…yup! But I highly doubt it…theyll probably give cliche answers and “it doesnt come down to one play” answer…

But, yeah, if you look at the NFL this season…it does come down to one play…because youre all fixing it.

Here is a bunch of thoughts and clear evidence how the NFL IS FIXED;

Also, the Rams aint even good

Washed up Von Miller and Aaron Donald? haha…Ever since Sewell put Donald in his place the whole league been bullying him…

Von Miller is done…maybe a few good reps here or there…other than that he belongs on an informercial about receding hairlines…

NFL is doing this to themselves…terrible. Terrible. Terrible.


Here is more garbage…

We could make this one a Mastercard commercial…



Sounds like someone took a tough loss in their fantasy playoffs.


There was a Hochuli involved so it’s hard to tell if it’s cheating or just blatant incompetence.


The earlier “phantom” defensive holding call that gave the Rams a 1st down instead of punting from deep in their own territory.

The Rams still might have won the game but it would have been nice to see a fair game called there.


I thought the third down call for defensive holding was worse. The refs penalized that db for good technique and good play. That’s shameful. It wasn’t even close to holding because you can see the guy push Kupp right at 5 yards which was what caused Kupp to stumble into the route.

Isn’t that how the corner is supposed to play that?

At least on the 4th down throw, the refs could argue that the ball was uncatchable because Wilson’s throw was so bad.

c’mon boys, don’t ruin the celebration!


Meh, not too worried about it regarding the Rams (unless they want football Jesus Matt to win a SB, but the league has juicier ratings ideas), the NFL rrrrreeeeaaalllllyyyy wants a Bucs v Pats, Brady v Bellichik SB…so if ya really want to get yer undies in a bunch, just wait until the Bucs playoff games start


Meh. I’ve seen that film before … in 2014:



So, how much did you lose?

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I thought it was a great call, but I had the Rams -7.5 at +110.

What sucked though is that Stafford was 6 yards short for my parlay to come in.

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I had enough after the 23-22 loss to Green Bay and the two phantom penalties on Trey Flowers, which gave the Packers the game.

I checked out and sat out the rest of the Patricia era.

Only came back because of Holmes, Campbell, and eternal optimism.


Dude! Me too! We should start a club with Wesley. Not because of that game, just the MP/BQ regime in general.

Exact same play.

You have sent me down the rabbit hole of bad memories. Damn you.


You’re not Charlton Heston back from the dead, are you?

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The NFL does favorite teams big time. Do you guys remember the super bowl game where pats beat the falcons in ot and James white scored the game winning today, well his knee was down a yard and half short. Guess what no replay

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That was the worst. It was basically a Green Bay player saying to a ref, ‘hey, what say you let us win’ and the ref was like ‘yeah sure, why not’


I get your upset but 7.5 sacks in 8 games is not exactly a dude being bullied.

Bullshit calls happen every year.

Hypocrisy runs the NFL.

NFL knew about Rodgers and his vaccination status.

Lions vs Dallas playoff game.

Rams vs Saints playoff game.

It happens.

oh, Rams are good. Defense is sus, but Rams are good. People on here were saying “Rams going to lose their next 5…” looks more likly to win all 5.

Yeah with our history, that’s actually the consistent way to call it!

Obviously, the team I support got the benefit here, but the last call was absurdly bad with replay. The earlier hold on Kupp was suspect as well, but he did a good job of selling it with the swim arm.

The NFL isn’t fixed,imo, but there is individual bias, for sure. I also believe the margin for error has always been bigger than some want to believe or hope , we just see it more often these days because of better video tech.

Auto-review like they use in international rugby is the answer,imo. This BS about it slowing down the game is preposterous. There are about 16 minutes of whistle2whistle action in an NFL game that last 3.5-4 hours. Any slower & these effing games will be played backwards.