NFL kickoff thread

Let’s get one going. I am beyond ready for football.


Happy football season to the Den

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The Texans’ offense looks rusty. Not much of a surprise there

Yeah wow, I think this is what we are going to see for the first half of the season. With no preseason and limited practice/training camps etc…football looks like it is going to be real sloppy this year.


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The long offseason did roughly jack to Mahomes’ rhythm.

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not a TD catch…should come back

Agreed. Not a TD. Let’s see if the NFL can get the season started off true to form… with a controversial call.

So glad to be watching the NFL again!!!

David Johnson looks like his old self. If he can stay healthy, the Texans will have the offensive balance they need.

Too upright, no vision…the book on David Johnson coming out of Northern Iowa.

The backup plan for the Cardinals when Ameer Abdullah came off the board. LOL

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Where is my boy Clyde Edwards Helaire?!?!

Oh nvm there he is.

Real nice to see a crowd, even a limited one. It gives a little more sense of normalcy. Too bad that like 90% of NFL stadiums won’t have any fans to start the season.

My favorite player in the NFL. His incredible, unnecessary effort won me a big DFS contest + changed my life for a short time. Not perfect but has his strengths.

EH putting in an early bid for offensive rook of the year.


Ugh this is tough. I am happy for him though. I wanted him in the worst way. Hopefully Swift is great for us though.

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This game reminds me how good Chicago would be if they had drafted either of these two QBs. Both went after Trubisky in the same draft…

Bears fans look

— PFF (@PFF) September 11, 2020
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So the Texans are the Lions opponent on Turkey. Just FYI in case some forgot.

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Bears got rid of Cutler and got a Cutler clone. Got rid of Howard and got a Howard clone and paid dearly to do so. They stink, and sadly they could still win Sunday.

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