NFL legends in the NCAA Tournament

Only watch basketball during the NCAA tournament love seeing the upsets.

I remember watching Gates in the tournament years ago!

You missed the best one…

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Fun fact Gates attending msu as a walk on for football, and then transferred to kent state just to play football again. Also his son is the msu roster

Is that you

Watching this Oakland game it is crazy good game

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The Golden Grizzlies with the upset!!!

Can’t believe they won that game.

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Well its a little bit of a a stretch, but this guy, in college, well he in one year;

  1. Won Conference MVP as a point guard

  2. Led the NCAA in punt returns and his team in passing, rushing and scoring.

  3. Won the NCAA title in long jump and would have been an Olympian

  4. His first baseball game went 4-4 w/ 4 steals but hit like dogcrap from then on. .097 for the season.

He would eventually become a Pro Hall of Famer in one of those sports.

Who is he?

Jackie Robinson

Are WR Coach!!!

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