NFL Mock Draft: Georgia's Carter can't shake Bears at No. 3

Probably not much to talk about regarding the proposed Lions pick at No. 4 here.

Curious what those who closely follow college football think of the Devon Witherspoon pick at No. 14. Tbh, never heard of him.

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Super aggressive corner. Loves to actually hit people. Can be a little grabby (as many college DB’s are). I’m not sure I see him going as high as 14 but he is a quality player. I could definitely see him fitting in well here in Detroit.

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He’s a physical corner, a little grabby at times that will get called in the NFL.

“Spoon,” who received the Big Ten’s Tatum-Woodson Defensive Back of the Year last month, was voted to the First Team. The junior corner finished the regular season with 17 passes defended and three INTs."

Has Witherspoon ranked No. 35 overall, but these things can fluctuate wildly.

And, sometimes the better players get taken later, e.g. Darius Slay at No. 35 vs. Dee Millner (No. 9), and DJ Hayden (No. 12).

Good film, at the 1 minute mark he should have been flagged for PI and isn’t, and the announcer then comments that he was “Flagged twice last week for PI.”. Those 15 yard penalties are going to rack up for a lot more in the NFL. Left arm continuously wrapped around WR. Willing tackler over and over. PI finally called later when he’s covering Bell. Not sure how he’s going to work out in the NFL.

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After the problems in the secondary earlier in the season, one wonders how is communication skills are (true of any DB).

He’s a lil tight but I like him! He’s aggressive and he’ll hit cha


I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from Witherspoon.

One thing I learned from Todd McShay this week, take it for what you will, is that there may be some character concerns with Jalen Carter.

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How old is the guy, he looks like Ziggy Ansah did when he came out. Dude looks 35


Reading the UGA board their making fun of McShay. They even have some that played with Carter calling him out. It seems they think it is based off of some smack talk before the Mizzou game.

I also haven’t seen anything from anyone other than McShay, so im not buying it at this point.

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Almost every mock has the Texans taking a QB. They currently have the 12th pick (Browns) as well. Maybe they take Anderson @1 and take a QB with their other 1rst rd pick.

#1 overall - Will Anderson
#12 overall - C.J. Stroud (other QB?)

Texans have two high picks, and may take a QB with the Browns pick.

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Yea, i haven’t heard or seen anything with regards to Carter and character concerns during his time at UGA.

They are my second team, spend every Saturday in Athens during CFB season, and follow them closely like UM, no idea what he is referring too.


Carter is a monster! Terrible teammate! Locker-room disaster waiting to happen.

Every team should pass on Jalen Carter…

…until the Lions get on the clock.


He’s no Nick Fairley

Yean, I don’t remember just how McShay put it. Character issues can mean so many things. Remember when Parsons had all these character issues?


About this time in the process we started hearing the same thing about Micah Parsons.

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I guess I wouldn’t hate Anderson or Murphy, if Carter is gone.
We would be set at DT for a while. We really do have the flexibility to go BPA and if that means stacking a position, stack it with the best you can get.

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Interesting take and I suppose it could happen. But Bryce Young’s intangibles are off the charts. Give him a decent OLine and a couple of top weapons and watch him win. Lovie Smith is about as solid a coach as he could hope for going number 1 overall. Bryce Young is the pick at 1.

TODD! TODD! TODD! We’ve all got character concerns! We’re human Todd! Like when you were hammered on air at the Wisconsin Northwestern game.