NFL power rankings: Lions ranked No. 1 after Week 11


There’s a clear top tier of those 4 teams then Lions, Cowboys and Dolphins in the 2nd tier (maybe a few others) all whom have something interesting in common. Beating the teams they should beat, losing to good teams and one blowout loss on their resume with the Dolphins to the Bills, Cowboys to the Niners and Lions to Ravens.

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In the end…who cares. It comes down to who is healthiest and playing well in the playoffs.



That is classic click bait. The Lions are a fun story, an ascending team, inspirational, but they are not #1. Yet.

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The Jim Mora playoffs gif will always get a thumbs up


That’s nice.

I have:

  1. Philly
  2. SF (Depth, been winning longer)
  3. Det
    4… Dallas and a bunch of good AFC teams ready to jump us if we stumble.