NFL QB Index, Week 14: Joe Burrow knocking on door of top three; Tom Brady


2022 stats: 12 games | 64.9 pct | 3,022 pass yds | 7.5 ypa | 19 pass TD | 7 INT | 42 rush yds | 0 rush TD | 5 fumbles

Goff’s oft-sturdy effort against Buffalo on Thanksgiving Day was snowed under by his ugly late-game missed connection with D.J. Chark. No such malarkey unfolded in Sunday’s utter destruction of Jacksonville’s defense. Goff embarrassed the Jaguars with a rash of big-boy throws to Chark and Amon-Ra St. Brown. The latter would be a household name if he played in Dallas. Who cares about the Cowboys, though, when the Lions freight train comes rumbling downhill to separate anything in its way? Goff is a week-to-week proposition that leaves coaches and fans with a wandering eye, but there’s no arguing his production in Detroit’s well-suited attack.


He did not miss to Chark. He “threw it where I wanted to throw it.” Question is: did Goff misread thee situation and throw it to the wrong place or did Chark misread and run the wrong route?

I know what the smart-:dollar: best is there.

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Hard to argue against 15
If the Lions keep winning he will end up somewhere between 10 - 15.
That’s an above average QB
That’s not someone you work up a sweat to replace


Look at that list and Goff’s stats are the same or better than most of the guys outside the top 4-5.
Who in the hell lists Justin Fields as the 9th best QB?
I’d say Goff is more like 7th or 8th.


Yeah, that stood out as an error.


Goff came out and said he missed that throw. Maybe he was just being a good leader and taking blame, but from watching it live, i blamed him at that time too

Maybe they thought it was the RB power rankings.

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Not when Justin Fields is #9.

edit to add: I see I’m not the first to have noticed this…

What qb is going to say it was on my wr? I blame the call more then anything

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Not a single one, except Zach Wilson who blames everyone but himself. We see how that worked out. Any true professional quarterback in this league is going to take the blame for ANYTHING that goes wrong 100 out of 100 times.

Love him or hate him, Jared Goff is 1,000% a professional in the locker room, during practice, during games and especially chatting with the media.


Wow they have Trevor Lawrence at 13 and the lions defense just shut him down. Who makes these lists?

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Goff absolutely did NOT underthrow Chark. Go to 1:42 here: He says explicitly that he threw the ball “where I wanted to.” I’ve followed Goff his entire NFL career. I’ve probably seen every postgame conference he’s given. The guy does NOT throw teammates under the bus. Ever. But here he finally acknowledges that it wasn’t simply a bad throw. He says that he and Chark “weren’t on the same page.” You know what that means? It means they both needed to eead and respond to the situation in the same way to make the connection and one of them blew it. Very, VERY good bet that it was Chark.

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Said this in another thread but when it comes down to a guy who’s been playing all year and a guy who just came back from injury and has barely played, I think it’s safe to assume who missed on that play



I just find it annoying that reasonable skeptics and his outright detractors alike assume that he made a bad throw. And because he protects his guys at all costs it took him a week to acknowledge in an interview that the throw wasn’t bad. Chark blew that play.


So you’re annoyed that we have our opinion, and your opinion isn’t taken as fact? Seems accurate.

I don’t know who was at fault. I do know Chark had his guy beat for an easy TD. Maybe Chark was in the wrong. I don’t know. Apparently since you’ve seen all of his press conferences, you do know.

Just so you’re aware, I actually really like Goff, as I did Stafford. But like I did with Stafford, when Goff plays poorly, I call it out. At which point a few posters whine that we all hate Goff for pointing out his poor play

Nobody knows who was at fault. Just assumptions based on what is most likely to be true, but still not facts.

Even if it was Goff’s fault, I don’t think that means people think he’s automatically a bad QB. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s fair to call him out. That being said no game is ever really about one play, it’s about the body of work done throughout the game.

Wow. A team with a losing record just outside the top 10 of this week’s power rankings?

12. Washington Commanders (7-5-1): Washington sat at home Sunday and watched its playoff chances tick up with losses by the Giants and Seahawks. A win next Sunday against New York and the Commanders should be in the driver’s seat for the No. 6 seed.

11. Detroit Lions (6-7): Just like that, the Lions have gone from 1-6 to 6-7 and are eyeing the playoffs. Detroit tripled its playoff chances with Sunday’s win over the Vikings (7 to 21 percent). Are the Lions the fourth-best team in the NFC? I could make the case.

10. Minnesota Vikings (10-3): How am I supposed to take the Vikings seriously? A 10-win team with a negative point differential? If it walks like a fraud and talks like a fraud …

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