NFL’s Warren Sapp is smart


THE NFL is going to pay dearly for Grudens silence.
No way it goes to court. Goodell would get fired and the NFL would look absolutely stupid.
Hopefully, Goodell gets fired, regardless. He’s done nothing but fuck the sport up since day one, and this is just one more blunder.
Someone used Gruden as a smoke screen. Now is the time to crawl up the Commies asses with a microscope.
Bottom line, Gruden is going to do to the NFL what I’m about to do to Facebook. Anyone want to join a class action lawsuit? I’m about to make them look like the fools they are, and clean up in the process.


I tuned most of this story out when the headlines were ALL “racist, misogynistic, homophobic” blah blah blah.

Good to see Warren challenge the “racist” part. Fact is, the labels we’re trying to assign to Gruden are pretty ist-bic-istic in another direction.


It will be interesting to see how this turns out but it’s clearly looking like Gruden is about to get paid.

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He was getting paid if he quit or got fired.

NFL revenue and NFL team values have skyrocketed under his watch. Don’t be fooled by the carefully crafted headlines when it comes to Goodell. He has been a great commissioner for the people he works for…the owners. Which is why they keep agreeing to give him raises.


Huh what?
Please expand …


yea good luck with that. suing something offered to you for free that you don’t have to use?


Slow your roll, killer. Just because one black guy thinks that using a racist trope isn’t racist doesn’t mean he’s right. I know that you know this because I doubt that you runaround calling any of your black coworker Big-lipped Johnny, either. Sapp said that just because everyone did it, it’s not racist but that’s not how racism or any ism works. And Faggot is a homophobic term. I feel like I’m debating obvious things with you on this one.

Now, I think that if Gruden’s emails were leaked to the press by the league then he has a case because of the leak. If the league had just fired him outright without leaking the emails then I don’t believe he would have a case because everyone in the league signs an agreement that if they embarrass the brand, they can get cut.

As for “the labels we’re trying to assign to Gruden…” no one likes being labeled but the argument “I say or do racist, homophobic, or misogynistic things but I’m not” is like saying “I insult people, but its rude to call me rude.” It isn’t though. Some bad behaviors have names for them. Minimally Gruden did say racist, homophobic and misogynistic things. Whether or not he should be branded as such really ends up coming down to how much one agrees with someone’s rights to denigrate people in that manner.


I assume Gruden and Sapp are close. That would perhaps make the most impartial guy on this topic matter.

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YES! Supporting the “good ol’ boy” network. He’s good at providing revenue for them…horrible at maintaining the integrity of the game.

Integrity → It’s why I left the NBA. I get that it’s there for $$. I get that it is a business. I also feel they could make just as much, if not more money, by maintaining the integrity of the game. There is no honor in Goodell’s approach. I love that they “boo” him at the draft for every pick. HILARIOUS. I hope you guys are right and that dude gets ousted.

This is what matters. They KNOW each other well. This is not an acquaintance. People who are looking for a racist will find one where there isn’t one.
People who are looking for a chauvinist will find one where there isn’t one.
People who are looking for toxic masculinity will always be able to find it.

Victims will always paint themselves as victims.
Everything is in layers and levels. It isn’t like a light switch…either you are racist, or you are not. There are MANY factors that go into it, and MANY definitions of what racist is.
Is racial profiling racist?
If a cop knows that they are 7x more likely to get shot when pulling over a certain segment of the population, and they take extra precaution, is that racist.
What about age profiling? The same cop that pulls over a 75 year old black lady treats her completely different than the 20 year old man in a the stolen car that has a rap sheet. Where is the line for racist.

I read energy. I have buddies of all walks of life and colors that are hard working, clean people. Clean energy, well-intentioned, trustworthy in damn near every way, etc.

I love humans…even prisoners I have worked with. If we knew each other, we’d love each other → PERIOD
Racism is just fear of the unknown, mixed in with some societal programming.

We need to completely let go of the idea of race meaning this or that and start focusing on the SOLUTION instead of the problem.

Almost 100% of activists are just some angry people, going out half cocked, not even knowing what they are talking about, judging a bunch of strangers, and lumping people into boxes that they usually don’t even fit into.

That’s focusing on the problem.

Focusing on the solution is just teaching love. Teaching the innate innocence of all people, and that ppl who don’t show up in love don’t represent themselves in a loving way…and they don’t build a good life for themselves, because they don’t love themselves enough to actually respect themselves and build a life for themselves.

Love wins. Everything else is just noise.


If they oust Goodell, it will be a Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" thing

We wont be fooled (again)

The Who Animation GIF by weinventyou


That’s exactly right. Goodell is executing the vision of the owners. And they keep giving him raises because he’s doing a damn good job at it. So if they let him go, it will be because he changed. So they would bring in someone to pick up where Goodell left off before he changed.


They’ve suspended my account for anti-religious speech.
Um, apparently they’ve never looked at my wall.
They’ve suspended me for threatening to “kick my inner childs ass”.
I’m currently serving a 29 day suspension for sharing a meme that a friend shared. Her “offensive” post is still up, 4 days later. Mine was taken down and I was suspended within a 2 minute time frame.
They think they’re building paper on me, but, I’m using their paper on them. It’s complete bullshit!
I’m violent?

Apparently, I just don’t pay enough.
They don’t have the man power to review any of my cases, so far, but, they have the manpower to decide to monitor every word I say, and not my friends.
It’s political.
They have also repeatedly refused to close my account. They want to be able to use me in their count to advertisers, they just don’t like my jokes and sarcasm…and most of all, they have a serious problem with the truth and Constitution.
My first suspension was for quoting “Thomas Jefferson”.

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I completely hear you. Free speech seems to be dying. I got my twiiter account suspended for a week a couple months back for saying biological men shouldn’t be swimming vs the ladies after a certain male swimmer destroyed all the poor girls in the pool. Pretty sad really that people can’t speak their mind without censorship. And facebook is way worse than twitter for censorship, I barely use Facebook anymore, other than maybe the direct message feature with some friends.


Was it The Tree of Liberty quote?

Betting it was.

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well you have all the free speech you want. 1st amendment means you can’t be arrested by government entities… It doesn’t meant you’re free from consequences otherwise. Facebook doesn’t have to let you be on there at all, being a corporation. If you walk into your shop saying things your company doesn’t agree with or even worse stuff, you can be fired. Didn’t get arrested tho, so your free speech wasn’t violated.


You lost me at “Waren Sapp is smart”.


I truly don’t think Gruden cares about the $$$.

I think he just wants to prove how he got bent.

Now I can’t corroborate any of this but it’s my thought