NFL+ Subscription

Took advantage of the 7 day free trial. Wanted to watch some of the other preseason games. Enjoying it so far. Watched most of 5 or 6 other games.

If you’re really worried about the Lion’s D, watch some of the other games. Defense was about the same in most games. A lot of teams seem to just run basic defense for the most part. Couple blitz packages here and there, but it wasn’t even close to regular season defensive scheming.
I’ll probably keep it for the first month just to watch stuff in the backround.

Edit to add:

Picture quality is very nice too.


Is that something you can get for the regular season just to watch Lions games or is that for the whole NFL package like Direct TV?

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ONLY thing is that it’s not available for desk top/laptop viewing during regular season otherwise I’d get it.

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So here’s the deal with NFL+ for me.

If all you can get is out of market preseason games, and then the games you also get on regular TV, then what’s the point?

I’ll probably get a free trial for this Saturday and be done with it, because there’s nothing else I even need it for.


I believe it’s supposed to let you watch your local broadcast.

I’m able to watch it on my Shield. Plus I could cast my iPad to the tv if needed.

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If all someone wants if the local broadcast during regular season, consider making a fake league using the NFL fantasy app. We used the app last season and could watch the games on locally when not home.

My son had Sunday Ticket as well, so did sign in with that to watch whatever we wanted. That may change with the advent of NFL+ - the local game being available.

Listening to Dan and some of the other coaches the scheming is really basic. They are just lining up and reacting on their basic defensive principles and not really spending time dissecting the offense and gameplanning on what to look for and what adjustments to make in particular alignments and situations. Its basically the biggest difference between the NFL and lower levels of football besides the speed of the game…the gameplanning aspect.

This type of stuff is really dumb. I remember when I bought their Gamepass package years ago it would not allow me to cast the video feed onto my TV. My iPad and phone were perfectly capable of doing it, but the NFL put something in the software that wouldn’t allow it. I also have a screen in my vehicle that I will cast movies, shows, etc onto. It wouldn’t let me do it with my Sunday Ticket, it would give me a message saying that it wasn’t allowed. I could cast anything else I wanted.

I think they are missing a huge potential audience, that’s for sure. I don’t always think they have a point, so giving them credit for having one might be a leap.

Are they allowing that now? Have you tried it? For years they wouldn’t allow me to cast my iPad onto my TV. It wouldn’t even let me hardwire it into my TV.

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I just tested it again to make sure and I was able to cast it to the tv from within the NFL app. Have a LG tv if that makes any difference. Couple years old.

Try it again when the games go live and let us know how it works out. You might have something we can benefit from knowing.

The NFL is allowing a multitude of options during pre-season only. During regular season, the viewing options are reduced to only a few.

Send me a pm during the Lions game to test it if you don’t mind. Or if you see me in the live thread, say something.

I was watching the live out of market games on my Shield, which is not a phone or (technically) tablet. But that’s not casting. Direct device. I’ll make sure to try casting it.

I noticed on those 2 good runs in the first drive for the Falcons’ back Ollison (?) that the Lions were playing nickel against a two receiver look from the Falcons. Both of those good gains looked like the Lions were just playing without worrying about the scheme.

I can’t wait to see if the Lions can put together a front 7 with JOkwara, Paschal, Alim, Levi, Hutch and whatever ILB’s can win a job. That’s an exciting blend of athleticism and size for the defense.

Based on that first drive, I wonder if Parker could be a surprise cut. He looked bad containing the edge on some of those plays. The Athletic had an article projecting that Parker, Savion Smith and Chase Lucas would make the final 53 (with Mike Hughes getting cut).

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I love being able to cast it to my TV and rewatch condensed games.

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The Shield is kind of like when I would watch thru my Playstation, if I am understanding you correctly. The casting that the NFL has strangely disallowed for years is the ability to have the app and games playing on your phone or iPad and then cast it to the TV from there. Years ago this was a big feature for people because they didn’t have TVs that could get the proper apps to play content. So we would just play it on our phone/pads and cast it. Worst case scenario we could hard tether it into the TV. But for whatever reason the NFL didn’t allow this for live games.

The NFL does stuff like that. Another thing they do is block the ability to access Sunday Ticket while in an NFL stadium. So if you attend a game and think you can just pull up another game to check out your fantasy players…think again. You will get an error that says “streaming not allowed while in an NFL stadium” or something similar. But like many things I’m sure there is an add-on package that can be purchased in order to do something that should be possible to begin with.

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That would be the Browns.

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I remember those days. Hated it.

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Get a VPN………then say your locality is Detroit. Have a friend in Canada who does that for lions games and says he is “in Detroit” and so he is I. Market for lions local broadcasting.

I’m sure the restrictions about casting the app to your TV are driven by the TV deals the NFL has with the networks and whoever’s now hosting Sunday Ticket (Apple? Amazon? I can’t remember…) As a fan/viewer, it’s dumb as shit. But for broadcast partners, if you’re paying the NFL hundreds of millions of bucks for exclusive rights to broadcast NFL games on TV, the NFL is obligated to ensure that your rights are actually exclusive. Giving fans a back door to do it some other way–especially one that pays the NFL directly, in competition with the networks that the league just sold exclusive TV rights to–the lawyers are not gonna let that fly.


I couldn’t get it to work last year that way via vpn. It worked the year before.

I use Private Internet Access.

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