Nhl season 56 games

So the Redwings will play 7 teams this year playing them 8 times each. I hope this isn’t a new norm.

I hope the way they’ve played the last few seasons isn’t the new norm. I long for the days when they were dominating.

I think they will be better. I also think we make another move.

  1. Salary Cap
  2. Everyone scouts Europe now.
    3.Scotty Bowman.

Its hard to tell if it has been the talent evaluation or the development that has produced this long string of 2nd line support scorer ceiling type player. They have a lot of those, but no transformational talent since…unmm…IDK…Datsyuk and Zetts really. Kronwall is a almost.

Bowman was THE man. Him leaving was almost as bad as Barry leaving. The big difference was Barry’s leaving was felt immediately. With Scotty, it took a while before it became obvious. The Lions need a presence of his caliber.